Hey there, I’m Brit. 

Brit Kolo Marketing Coach for Creative Big-Dreaming Entrepreneurs
I coach boxed-in business owners to become independent, profitable leaders through self-awareness and #MarketingThatFeelsGood.


(I also really like plants.)


Anddd I get it.

You need this business to work.

You need it to work so you can stop depending on other sources of income and stand on your own two feet.


But right now you feel stuck and unsure of yourself.

It seems like you have to become fake and salesy to grow your business to the next level.

Kind of like jeans that are a liiittle bit too short for you.

Or a too-tight bra.

And exactly like every swimsuit I’ve ever tried on.

You too?


As women, we’re expected to fit into all kinds of things that just don’t work for us.

Marketing and how we build our businesses should NOT be one of those things.

You should NOT have to feel like anything other than yourself in order to market and grow your business.


But how? How can you market your business in a feel-good way?

First, we need to dive into YOU. We need to discover how you naturally show up in life and build a marketing strategy from there.


In your 30-min call, we’ll figure out where you’re at and what your next best step in growth will be. No salesy pressure here. Obviously. I’m the #MarketingThatFeelsGood girl! 


Then, if it’s the right fit, we’ll move on to your Deep Dive Session – where every feel-good marketing strategy begins.

  1. You’ll schedule your 90-minute Deep Dive Session with me.
  2. During the session, you’ll reconnect with who you are at your core and I’ll guide you to connecting that to your best, feel-good marketing strategy.
  3. You’ll receive two weeks of email support after your session to tie up any loose ends, answer any and all questions, and help you begin implementing your strategy.
  4. As you begin implementing, you’ll become more and more magnetic to your ideal client because you’re showing up as no one but YOURSELF.


See, marketing that feels good can only stem from the rich soil within YOU.

I’ll help you find the richest parts of you and beginning planting.



It’s time to go from scraping by to… THRIVING AND PROFITABLE.

And from dependent on lack-luster referrals and other income sources to… INDEPENDENT, DOING THINGS YOUR OWN WAY.


This necessary, pivotal transformation begins with your Free 30-min Call with me.



After your Free 30-min Call and Deep Dive, you can either implement your strategy on your own or we can continue working together within a One-Time ½ Day Intensive OR 3 Months of Bi-Weekly Coaching.

It’s up to you.

And that’s really the brilliance of it, right?


It’s up to you. Because you can totally do this. You can make it work.

I’ll be there to guide you on a quicker, more direct path to independence, profitability, and growth.

You in?



Praise Hands for the Deep Dive


A Deep Dive with Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom, Deep Dive Session with Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group“Brit’s Deep Dive Session was the perfect blend of high-level ideation and practical, hands-on action plan creation. She addresses all aspects of your life and unique personality traits and makes smart, intentional marketing suggestions customized to YOU. Brit opened my eyes to some big opportunities I hadn’t even considered before our chat. I highly recommend Brit’s Deep Dive for anyone looking to get truly strategic with their messaging.” – Chris Emmer, Sweaty Wisdom


Sam Vander Wielen of samvanderwielen.com Attorney-Turned-Entrepreneur“Brit has a way of helping you to clearly and vibrantly pull together your business’s marketing strategy. More importantly, she helps you get very clear on why your marketing strategy is what it is, and why people should care about your content. Her process itself is unique and methodical – giving you just the right balance of soul and practical. I really can’t encourage you enough to just go for it! Thanks so much, Brit!” – Sam Vander Wielen, Attorney-Turned-Entrepreneur of SamVanderWielen.com


Jacq Fisch“Working with Brit is like working with a savvier version of yourself. I was never really sure where to focus my marketing efforts and I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t feel icky. Well, I now have permission to do marketing that feels good and I’ve never felt better about marketing my business. Creative people NEED this!” – Jacq Fisch, Brilliant Copywriter of JacquelineFisch.com