11 Prompts to Help You Reflect on the Past Year

As we prepare to look ahead at 2018 and project what we intend to accomplish in the upcoming year, we must first look back and reflect on what 2017 held.

But how? How do we know we’ve sufficiently reflected on an entire year?

11 Prompts to Help You Reflect on the Past Year, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

Everyone’s process will be a little different. Maybe you’ll journal your reflections. Perhaps you’ll meditate on them. Or you might even find it most effective to talk about your year with a trusted friend, advisor, or peer group.

No matter your outlet, I’ve prepared eleven prompts to work through in an effort to reflect on 2017. You’ll see these prompts focus only on the past 12 months and they encourage a healthy balance of looking at the good stuff – the successes and “wins” – and the not-so-good stuff – the things that you intended to do but didn’t officially accomplish.

If that perked up a little resistance inside of you, you’re not alone. I completely understand it can be daunting and a little scary to jump back into the past twelve months and get real with yourself… especially if you know this past year didn’t pan out like you thought it would.

But I still stand behind the idea that without proper reflection, we can’t plan ahead for 2018 effectively. We just can’t.

Let’s dive into this first step of reflection today, so the next step of projection can be done well.


SIDE NOTE: Download these journal pages to guide you through these prompts if you intend to physically write your responses.


11 Prompts to Help You Reflect on the Past Year

  1. What was life like one year ago?
  2. Write down your 2017 goals list or resolutions. What did you accomplish?
  3. Why were you successful in accomplishing those things?
  4. From your 2017 goals list, what did you not accomplish?
  5. Why were you unsuccessful in accomplishing those things?
  6. Of all the things you did in 2017, what are you most proud of?
  7. What are you least proud of?
  8. Describe your absolute favorite day of 2017.
  9. Looking back through your calendar or planner, record the major personal events, shifts in mindset, and breakthroughs that happened during each month.
  10. What did you say YES to in 2017?
  11. What did you say NO to in 2017?

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