21 Ways to Support a Fellow Female Entrepreneur

As female entrepreneurs, it’s our duty and our right to support one another. If that’s something you can get behind, we’re going to be great friends, you and me.

To help us help each other, I’ve brain dumped this list of 21 ways to support a fellow female entrepreneur.

20 Ways to Support a Fellow Female Entrepreneur online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

I sincerely ask that you read through each of them and then pick one to take action on in the next 12 hours. When you’ve completed that task, hit reply to this post and tell me how you chose to support your biz friend. I can’t wait to see what happens from this!

  1. Comment on her latest Instagram post.
    Likes are good, but comments are GREAT. They not only help Instagram to notice her post and share it with more people, but it also tells your fellow sister that, Hey! Someone cares! And she’s not all alone behind her phone.

  2. Direct message her a few words of encouragement.
    Just a few short lines to let her know you’re behind her and that she’s doing great work.

  3. Send her an email with a random thing that you love about her and her work.
    Inboxes can be a scary place. Just imagine how meaningful it will be for her to open her inbox and find actual LOVE there.

  4. Reply to her email newsletter to continue the conversation she’s started.
    If the girl is putting time and effort into writing to her list, let her know that what she’s sharing is hitting the mark with someone – you!

  5. Leave a Review of her business on her Facebook Page.
    Reviews are HUGE for any business. Go tell Facebook that you support her!

  6. Leave a Review on her podcast in iTunes.
    If review are huge on Facebook, they’re basically EVERYTHING on iTunes. To really support a female podcast, leave her a rating and review.

  7. Share her latest bit of content in your Instagram Story.
    Sharing her stuff with your tribe will send traffic to her Instagram account, gaining her a few followers that already trust her because you sent them.

  8. Send her a funny GIF or meme.
    Just because!

  9. Compliment her work.
    She’s not doing this stuff for her health! Give her some praise for that effort!

  10. Compliment her, apart from her work.
    Because we allllll know that line between work and self is so blurred. Send her some love – really, about her.

  11. Send her a hand-written note.
    Snail mail is not dead. I received a handful of hand-written Christmas cards this year from my business friends and it meant the world to me that they’d take the time to do that.

  12. Remind her to walk away from the laptop and do something fun.
    We all need the reminder, AMIRIGHT?

  13. Take her to a no-phones-allowed coffee date or lunch.
    We all need to put down the devices, but we often really need to get out of our houses and our offices too. Go see her in-person!

  14. Offer to swap guest blog posts.
    It can be fun to shake up the regular ol’ content strategy by writing for someone else’s blog and then having that friend write something for yours.

  15. Connect her with someone in your circle.
    I can bet you know someone that could help your fellow sister’s business grow. Send a connecting email between the three of you, introducing them to each other.

  16. Share your favorite Spotify playlist with her.
    Everybody needs a little dance party every now and then!

  17. Include her work in your next round-up email newsletter or #fridayfollow series on Instagram.
    As you’re sharing resources and/or people to follow, include her.

  18. Nominate her for a giveaway or award she deserves.
    What an amazing surprise for her when she finds out she was nominated!

  19. Refer your clients and network to her.
    Referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses. This could really help her move the needle forward.

  20. Tag her in Facebook Group threads that she could show her expertise in.
    There is definitely someone out there looking for what your friend has to offer within a Facebook Group. Tag her so she can chime in and strut her stuff.

  21. Hire her yourself.
    Enough said. 

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