5 Reasons My Business Uses LinkedIn More Than Any Other Social Media Platform

In some circles, LinkedIn is the red-headed step child of the social media world. Facebook and Instagram are so much flashier. Twitter is so much simpler.

And technically, there are definitely more users on these other platforms, according to AdWeek.

But I’m finding that my time is best spent on LinkedIn, above every other social media platform.

How do I know this?

Because I track every single potential customer inquiry I get.

Sure, I analyze reach and following and post engagement. But at the end of the day, I have to make money.

The only way I make money is if I gain a customer. 

Not a follower. Not a viewer. Not a Like, Comment, or Share.

An actual paying customer.

And that’s what I’m getting on LinkedIn. More actual paying customers and qualified leads. (Key words: PAYING and QUALIFIED.)

5 Reasons My Business Uses LinkedIn More Than Any Other Social Media Platform by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

And because I’m tracking this valuable information, I can tell you specifically that…

In the last 60 days, I’ve made over $8,000 directly linked to my presence on LinkedIn WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE DOLLAR.

Which, not surprisingly, is my number one reason that I’m using LinkedIn more than any other social platform.

Side Note: By “using,” I mean spending time posting and interacting. I haven’t run an ad or sponsored a post or even paid for the Premium membership.


Get ready for the next four…


Okay, okay. No punching, though.

Reason #2 – My ideal customer is on LinkedIn.

Note that I didn’t say, “My customer or audience is on LinkedIn.” I said my “IDEAL” customer.

That distinction is important. I’m searching for my ideal customer – someone that I’ve decided I want to work with before I even meet them.

If I were simply looking for a customer, anyone to contract me, I might be spending more time on a social media platform other than LinkedIn.

And it’s not like I won’t work with someone that doesn’t fit the bill of my “ideal” customer. But I DO want to use my time wisely. I want to spend my time cultivating relationships with the people and businesses I know that I can help the most.

I don’t want to waste time trying to attract everyone. Point blank.

To search for your IDEAL customer, you must first figure out who that ideal customer might be.

My ideal customer is an upper-level officer of a small to medium-sized business. He/she has found success in their business – they’re profitable – but now they want their business to GROW and SURVIVE through this next era of technological advances and connectedness. They believe they CAN grow. They are naturally opportunistic so they can see the opportunities for growth. They now need help developing a strategy to realize that growth through smart marketing and sales.

Now with my ideal customer defined, I can have a shot at finding them. Surprise, surprise. I found them on LinkedIn.

If you’re wondering if your ideal customer might like to interact with you more on LinkedIn, view the demographics of LinkedIn users from Marketing Mojo in this infographic.

But just because they’re there, doesn’t mean the story’s over.

Reason #3 – My ideal customer respects LinkedIn.

The truth of the matter is that my ideal customer is on Twitter and Facebook too. And thus, I have a professional presence on those platforms as well.

But I’m not spending most of my time there.

Why? Because that’s not where my ideal customer goes to do business. They go to other platforms to get informed, maybe relate to people in a more personal way, but they don’t go there to do business with a high-end service provider like me.

Therefore, I use Facebook and Twitter to match my ideal customer’s usage. These platforms are relationship-building tools for me. Not main inquiry and revenue drivers.

I use LinkedIn to do business because that’s what my ideal customer does.

Reason #4 – My ideal customer is kind of annoyed with Facebook.

My ideal customer is smart. They’ve been around the block a time or two. They understand how business works. And they see right through the advertising, political, and opinionated mess that Facebook offers.

Is Facebook bad or wrong for being this way? Not at all. Facebook is incredibly valuable, even more so than LinkedIn, for millions of businesses.

(That’s my nod to anyone reading this right now thinking, “You’ve got this all wrong. Facebook’s where it’s at.”)

Facebook IS where it’s at for many businesses.

And Twitter. And Instagram. And Snapchat.

But for myself and professionals like sales agents, realtors, consultants, and other service-providers, LinkedIn can be more worth our time.

Reason #5 – LinkedIn is incredibly under-utilized.

There are only 100 million LinkedIn users in the US, as compared to Facebook which is at 1.6 billion.

Some might think that number is enough reason to NOT use LinkedIn.

I see the exact opposite. I see major potential in it for anyone that values building a relationship with someone before trying to sell them something.

Sales agents, realtors, consultants, professional service-providers: I’m looking at you.

There are multiple ways for your ideal customer to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you on the LinkedIn platform. (i.e. connecting, posting, engaging, messaging, joining groups, etc.)

As long as your ideal customer is likely to be there and you utilize it wisely, it can be a great asset to your marketing and sales strategies.

I’m interested to know where YOU stand on this.

What’s been your experience with LinkedIn? Good or bad. I want to hear. Please comment below.

Then come connect with me on LinkedIn! (Saw that comin’, I’m sure.)

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