5 Ways to Collaborate with a Fellow Female Entrepreneur

One of the best, most helpful ways to support a fellow female entrepreneur is to collaborate with her. Come alongside her on a mutual project and make magic together.

In this post, I’ll show you five ways to collaborate with fellow Female Entrepreneurs, whether they’re your “biz bestie” or simply someone you’d like to get to know and support more. Each of these ways is designed to be a true win-win for both parties involved, moving the needle forward in both of your businesses.

5 Ways to Collaborate with a Fellow Female Entrepreneur, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

#1 Swap Guest Content

Say you have a blog you regularly publish to and you see a fellow biz sister plugging away at her blog content too. To mix things up and get you both in front of different audiences, offer to swap a guest post for a guest post. This collaboration style works great for podcast and video interviews too.

#2 Co-Host an Event or Meetup

Hosting an event all on your own can be A LOT of work. Share the workload and make the experience more fun (because we all need more of THAT f-word) by co-hosting it with a biz girlfriend. This event could be as small as hosting a few ladies for a Thursday night business chat over drinks to a full-blown conference or retreat.

#3 Do a Trade

Yup, third grade playground style. I know trading work gets a bad rap, but sometimes, it’s truly a win-win for those trading. If you see the opportunity to trade services with another female biz owner who will greatly respect you and not take advantage of the agreement, by all means, help each other out.

#4 Refer Work to Each Other

When working with clients, there will come a time when your services aren’t quite the right fit for what the client needs. Be prepared by having a trusted fellow female entrepreneur to send this referral to. This referral agreement can be formalized with a real contract or kept super low-key with a mutual respect for each other’s work. As long as you know who best to send to her and she to you, you’re both in business.

#5 Feature Each Other as Experts

Shine the spotlight on your fellow femtreprenur by including her in your website’s Resource Guide or Suggested Vendors, posting about them on social media, publishing a featured interview with her, and then ask her to do the same for you.

It truly does not take much to create a smart, feel-good collaboration. As long as you have two female entrepreneurs willing to respect and reciprocate in ways that make sense for both parties involved, a collaboration is a game-changing, needle-moving win-win.

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