A Letter to the Entrepreneur Scared to Pivot

To the Entrepreneur Scared to Pivot:

Pivoting might just be the best thing you could ever do for your business.

But let me back up for a second.

Pivoting in your business in any way can be scary. Adjusting prices, changing your service packages, overhauling your brand, adding in a brand new service, taking one away.

These are all examples of pivots you could make to massively grow your business.

But you’re scared. What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s “crickets?” What if I have to go back to the drawing board and pivot again?

These seem like valid concerns. But in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s par for the course.

Pivoting, tweaking, changing, playing, experimenting, continuing to solve, continuing to try things, being willing to fail… that is entrepreneurship.

Between growing up in a traditional school system, being taught to stay on the path in order to reach success, and being surrounded by people working their 9-to-5’s, staying in their own little lanes all the time, it makes sense for it to feel like we’re doing something “wrong” when we pivot.

But we’re not. We’re not! This is entrepreneurship – the freedom and autonomy to shift and adjust to best serve the people we were meant to serve.

There is not just one straight path to doing that. There are many paths. Many winding, up-and-down, albeit sometimes scary, paths to making your business work.

And to have the opportunity to pivot your business in any one direction at any given time is a blessing.

It might not look like that from the outside looking in, though, right?

A Letter to the Entrepreneur Scared to Pivot by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneursUnfortunately, people naturally want to talk about their successful pivots – not their failed ones. So as we plug into other entrepreneurs, we can sometimes get a distorted view of what this entrepreneurial path looks like.

It can sometimes seem as though an entrepreneur sees a problem in the world, thinks of a way to solve it, packages that solution up, and BOOM, it’s a total hit and lots of money and acknowledgement starts rolling in.

Friend, that’s never how it works. And if it does, that’s not the end of their story.

So before you think something is inherently “wrong” with your business (and therefore, you, because what’s the difference?) when you think it’s time to pivot, stop and realize nothing’s “wrong.” In fact, you’re probably on the “right” path if you’re faced with a pivot and a new evolution of your business.

Is every pivot guaranteed to work out? Absolutely nottt. That’s why it can be scary.

Case in Point:

At the end of last year, I thought it was a great idea to add a Group Coaching Program to my list of services. This was Pivot #1. I spent three months formulating the program and BETA-testing it with three incredible business owners. The program was super effective and exactly what these three needed at the time.

And then right before I was set to launch the Group Program, I totally scrapped it. Pivot #2. I did a 180-degree pivot and decided a Group Program wasn’t where my heart was. It was more of a “should,something other coaches were doing so I thought I had to too.

Kind of a massive waste of time. Also a massive learning experience.

And then there is the possibility of a pivot being the absolute best next thing for your business and that’s what makes a pivot worth trying.

Case in Point:

A few months ago, I felt called to offer Marketing Coaching on a Monthly basis, instead of a Bi-Weekly or Weekly basis like so many other Coaches do. I saw super savvy entrepreneurs needing that extra boost of accountability and guidance without needing the more frequent Coaching calls.

There were plenty of reasons why this wouldn’t work. Most of them related back to my ego telling me that I was the crucial piece in my clients’ successes and without a Coaching call with me at least every other week, how could they ever succeed?! Ohhh, so silly.

Once I got my ego in check, I realized this was the exact thing many entrepreneurs were looking for and the one thing I hadn’t yet offered.

So I made a “soft” pivot and tested the idea. I offered Monthly Coaching, a few people took me up on it… and it has totally revolutionized how I coach.

The new coaching schedule prompts both me and my clients to be more efficient with our time together. It has also helped me improve my email communication, as I do the majority of my coaching throughout the monthly via email, as opposed to on a coaching call.

This pivot has turned out to be the perfect solution for the busy entrepreneur with a drive to do the work as long as they have someone holding them accountable to their tasks. They need that extra push to get sh*t done and to know they’re prioritizing the right things at the right time.

Meanwhile, the Bi-Weekly Coaching schedule still offers the right fit for the driven entrepreneur seeking additional support, advice, and accountability, preferring the face-to-face interaction of Coaching calls a bit more often during the month.

And I never would’ve known this solution to so many entrepreneurs’ problems was out there if I wasn’t willing to pivot, and in this case, go against the grain a little bit.

So, yes, pivoting can throw up some scary red flags for you. But I urge you to lean into those fears and try things anyway.

Pivoting is the ultimate blessing of entrepreneurship.

Go use it!


Are you considering a pivot in your business? HIT REPLY, tell me about what you’re thinking, and we’ll talk through it!


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