An Insider’s Look at How I Run My Creative Small Business

A few weeks ago, my client and dear friend, Joanna Platt, interviewed me for an episode of my podcast, Marketing in Yoga Pants.

Joanna and I have been working together as Coach + Client for over a year now and have become true friends. So when she popped into my inbox, asking if she could interview me and get a peek into how I really run my business day in and day out, it was an easy YES.

I’m sharing that interview with you today on the blog so you can peek behind the curtain too and maybe even walk away with a big ol’ permission slip to do business YOUR way.

This interview was originally published on the Marketing in Yoga Pants podcast.

An Insider's Look at How I Run My Creative Small Business, JAM Marketing Group blog post by Brit Kolo, marketing that feels good for the female creative entrepreneur

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The main topics we discuss are:

  • Spending time working ON my business vs IN my business
  • Identifying as a writer first and a coach second
  • Allowing content to give potential clients a first look at what working with me is like
  • Detailing my coaching process through Deep Dive Sessions, Half Day Intensives, and 3 Month Packages
  • Handing out ‘permission slips’ to take the pressure off of content delivery from blog posts to Instagram stories
  • 16 Personalities type ENFJ/INFJ
  • My INFJ best marketing strategies includes long-form content with more value than calls to action
  • My ENFJ best marketing strategies includes speaking/podcasting
  • My worst marketing strategies include high-stakes sales with no indoctrination and selling right off the bat like webinars and short launch cycles
  • Deciphering where to spend your energy learning
  • Breaking out of the “should” cycle to live her own life
  • Feeling supported by intentionally building my team for the vision I have for my business in 2019
  • Spending Q1 experimenting with strategies and frameworks for my coaching programs
  • Sharing some of the mental load in my business with her amazing VA
  • My 2019 vision for 5-figure months doing #MarketingThatFeelsGood
  • My long term vision to build a company that is bigger than me and able to be positioned for sale

As you listen to the episode, what other questions do you have for me? Leave a comment!

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