Coaching, Courses, and Content; An Insider’s Look at What’s Next for JAM

Year One, done! I just celebrated my first year in business with JAM Marketing Group on August 26th, 2017!

And while it’s been both fun and beneficial to reflect on the first 365 days of business, I am ready to move on to the SECOND 365 days and preview what I think may be in store.

The funny thing about business is that you honestly never truly know what’s in store. The “planner” in me gets a little itchy when I admit that. But it’s true.

Coaching, Courses, and Content; An Insider’s Look at What’s Next for JAM, blog post from JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative entrepreneurs

When you own a business, you don’t ever know what’s coming next.

You can project and estimate and plan all you want, but if I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that things change quickly. Much more quickly than I had ever imagined.

So while I look out ahead of me and plan for the next 365 days of leading this business, I can’t say for certain the intricate details that I’ve dreamed up will all shake out as planned.

What I DO know about the next year in business are these three core things:

  1. I’m 100% leaning into coaching creative entrepreneurs through the process of developing and executing their marketing strategies, both to book better clients and to launch new products. I’ve operated as both a Coach and the one executing the marketing work for the past year and have found the Coaching model to not only be where MY sweet spot is, but also where MY CLIENTS get the best results. I’ve also given my coaching process enough time to breathe, iterate, tweak, and grow, so I can now confidently move forward providing only Coaching and expect it to build a stronger, more sustainable business. 
  2. In light of nicheing into a Coaching model, I’m in the process of developing a smarter list of both service offerings and digital product offerings.

    While Coaching will remain my “premium” service, I’ll be strategically adding in the following digital products to my offerings list to best serve my ideal client:

    First, a free quiz assessment to help my ideal client decipher how to grow and scale their business. The quiz is in BETA stages right now, set to be publicly available within the next few weeks.

    Second, an introductory online course, teaching the creative entrepreneur how to use Asana, the task management tool, to grow and scale their business. This course will act as my Basic Level offering, introducing its students not only to Asana but also to how I teach and support my customers. [Get on the first-to-know list for this course here]

    Third, two separate, self-guided, in-depth, everything-I-know online courses, leading my ideal client through the exact processes I offer my 1-on-1 clients. These courses will act as my Moderate Level offerings, serving the creative entrepreneurs that aren’t quite ready for a Coach, but still needing guidance on how to develop a smart marketing strategy and execute it so they can grow and scale their business. One course will guide its student to book better clients, while the other will guide its student to launch their online training. [Click here to get on the first-to-know list for BookBetterClientsAnd here to get on the first-to-know list for JustLaunchIt]

    As those products launch, each will be available to my 1-on-1 coaching clients at an incredible, clients-only rate, to further support them throughout their coaching experience.
  3. And finally, I’ve developed a new blog content strategy for my second year in business. Beginning next week, I’ll be writing two times a week, instead of just one.

    On Tuesdays, I’ll publish a blog post relating to life as a creative entrepreneur, discussing things like business mindset, creativity, and ways to overcome roadblocks in business and in life.

    On Thursdays, I’ll continue publishing a blog post relating to online marketing strategy and tactics, but not quite in the way I’ve done in the past. Moving forward, I’ll be breaking down every single little piece of my marketing strategy and execution process, guiding you, the Reader, through each and every step.

    Of course, this will take the entirety of the next year to write about, but once it’s complete, I’ll have 52 weeks of solid, strategic content that could be turned into a bigger asset for my business like a book or high-level training.


And lucky for you, you get to come along for the ride!

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Next week, we’re diving straight into this new content strategy. On Tuesday, we’re rewriting the “rules” of creative business ownership and on Thursday, we’re figuring out where to begin when we have #ALLTHEIDEAS.

Talk to you then!

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