You’re ready for that next step. That next level of growth in your business.

Not only does it not need to feel fake and salesy… but you also don’t have to do it alone.

You’re a creative, big-dreaming entrepreneur with a service-based business. I often work with coaches, designers, photographers, and writers.

You’re craving that next step in business growth.

You’re searching for direction – a way to get to that next step.

You’re searching for a proven process – something that’s worked for businesses like yours.

You’re searching for accountability – someone to help you along the way.

You’re searching for meaningful growth – growth that aligns with your core values and passions.

Here’s How It Works


The very first thing to do is schedule your free 30-minute call with me. We’ll hop on a Zoom call to discuss your business, what you do, who you serve, and your vision for growth.

Schedule Your Free 30-min Call Here


With me as your Coach, we’ll co-create a marketing strategy that both feels good to YOU and to your ideal clients, which will allow you to reach your growth goals. I’m there every step of the way to be your advisor, sounding board, and accountability partner.


Based on your marketing strategy, you’ll put your head down and do the work necessary to grow your business. I will show you how to do this intentionally, efficiently, and effectively so you not only get the work done now, but you’ve set up systems and processes so things run smoothly in the long-term too.


You’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor, as you consistently execute on the marketing strategy you’ve devised. You’ll reach your growth milestones, while staying true to your core passions and willingness to serve your clients and customers hard.

Kind Words from Current and Past One-On-One Marketing Coaching Clients

Working with Brit is a big relief… Having [her] is like acquiring a team member who cares about all the things I don’t care about, and will help me utilize my own abilities in a way that works for *me.* Plus, she’s got plenty of experience and ideas that would never occur to me, which is AWESOME. Perhaps one of the best parts of working with Brit is that she is SO trustworthy and reliable. She can easily juggle a bunch of balls at once; which means that I don’t have to worry about when and how to focus on things–she’ll prioritize everything in the right order. – Rachel East of

From our very first call, I’ve felt taken care of, excited to work together, and like I had to have you on my team. I think that came from the ideas you shared and feeling like you “get it.” I’ve felt so supported during this process, particularly when I was making hard decisions and not meeting deadlines. I love how often you check in with me and I appreciate the new ideas you’ve sent my way. – Joanna Platt of


Working with JAM has given me the framework and the accountability I needed to finally get my business organized and out into the world. Brit makes marketing feel easy and natural… When I first hired Brit as a marketing consultant, I was at stand-still in my business. I had done all of the “behind the scenes” work I could do and my business was ready to serve clients well, but the leads just weren’t coming in. Within 2 months of kicking off work with Brit, I had brought on 4 new (ideal!) clients and felt confident in my marketing process for continuing to stay booked. – Sonja Jobson of

Amalia Biro of


Working with you is like having a full time accountability partner, cheerleader, and sounding board. – Amalia Biro of



Natalia Amari

I am learning that less is more. I put too many things on my plate and I get scared and don’t follow through on certain things, particularly projects with myself. Brit has helped me focus and follow a particular course of action, utilizing my strengths and encouraging me to stretch too. – Natalia Amari of

Brit Kolo Marketing Coach for Creative Big-Dreaming EntrepreneursSo, let’s do this.

Hey there! I’m Brit, your Marketing Coach.

I coach boxed-in business owners to become independent, profitable leaders through self-awareness and #MarketingThatFeelsGood.

(I also really like plants.)

I can’t wait to dive into this work with you. Schedule your free 30-min call below and we’ll talk soon!


Schedule Your Free 30-min Call Here

What You Get

For your investment, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly OR Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls with me.
  • All calls are held on Zoom, the web conference platform.
  • Expert guidance in creating and executing your marketing strategy.
    No more guessing about which step you should take next.
  • Unlimited email correspondence with me.
    Emails are promised to be responded to within 48 hours if on a weekday and 72 hours if on a weekend.
  • Asana task management.
    I am responsible for taking notes during our coaching calls and organizing your task lists within Asana so you can focus on taking action and doing the work.

The Collaborative Process and Timeline Works Like This:

PHASE 1 Alignment of Values; Days 1-7

You will explore and define what matters to you in life and in business in order to align yourself, your work, your schedule, and your aspirations to that greater calling. I believe meaningful growth is impossible to achieve without a firm foundation of knowing and living out one’s truest core values.

PHASE 2 Defining the Offerings and Goals; Days 7-15

You will put in writing what you what you offer and several other parameters around your business’s success. We’ll discuss not just what this business means for your client, but also for you, as the business owner, and for your future.

PHASE 3 Defining the Ideal Client; Days 15-21

You will research several pieces of information about your ideal client’s demographic and psychographic profile. Not only will you gather valuable information about your ideal client through this process, but it will also help to validate your presumed marketable service.

PHASE 4 Mapping Path to Sale; Days 22-30

Based on who your ideal client is, you will determine what their path to sale (aka “buyers journey”) will be. This entails discovering where your ideal client will first find out about you, where they’ll get to like you and your business, where they’ll get to trust you and your business, and finally, where they’ll become a paying client of you and your business.

Once the path to sale is defined, we’ll strategize on ways to best present your business on those platforms to achieve the end goal of earning paying clients.

PHASE 5 Crafting Visual Brand Direction, Written Brand Sales Copy, and Cultural Brand Ideals; Days 30-45

Next, we’ll give direction to your visual brand (i.e. graphic and web design), while crafting your business’s messaging (i.e. sales pitch, sales copy, ideal client vernacular, etc). From these exercises, you will be able to define your cultural ideals, lending insight into how you will do business now and into the future.

PHASE 6 Implementing Strategy; Days 45-90

Once the foundational pieces have been placed, you will create and implement systems to marketing your business, based on your determined path to sale. We will continue to strategize ways to make these systems repeatable so they serve you not just in this phase of getting better clients, but far into the future.

Choose Your Schedule

You’ll choose to meet with me monthly or bi-weekly for our coaching calls.

The Monthly Schedule is for the busy entrepreneur with a drive to do the work as long as they have someone holding them accountable to their tasks. This is the best option for an entrepreneur needing that extra push to get sh*t done and know they’re prioritizing the right things at the right time.

Monthly Coaching is $497/month for 3 months OR a one-time payment of $1,399.


The Bi-Weekly Schedule is for the savvy entrepreneur with a simple business model needing a consistent amount of attention over the next three months. This is the best option for an entrepreneur interested in growing her client list and marketing efforts to no longer be in the throws of unpredictable income.

Bi-Weekly Coaching is $699/month for 3 months OR a one-time payment of $1,999.

Sweet! I’m In! Let’s Schedule a Free 30-min Call to Discuss

By teaming up with me as your Marketing Coach, there’s…

Less wondering, more knowing.

Less distraction, more focus.

Less dread, more enjoyable work.

Fewer soul-sucking clients, more life-giving ones.

Fewer spinning wheels, more gainful progress.

Fewer times when you just don’t know where to turn, more times when you know exactly who to call – me.