I’m Completely Changing My Content Strategy – Find Out What’s Next

Fact: I’ve published one blog post a week for the past 11 months. 46 blog posts, to be exact. This is the 47th.

And now, 11 months into not only blogging but running a sustainable, meaningful, profitable business, I’m completely changing my content strategy. More on how I’m switching things up in a minute.

See, I’ve spent the last 11 months writing about my craft – online marketing. The ins and outs.

The first few months were a bit sporadic, writing about whatever happened to come to mind that week. (We all start somewhere.)

But at the turn of the New Year, I planned a distinct content strategy that would carry me through till today, the last Thursday in July 2017.

That content strategy consisted of spending the first quarter of the year writing about online marketing strategy, essentially as a whole. The big picture stuff.

Then, in April, I began dissecting several sections of the online marketing world – social media, email marketing, advertising, and SEO.

I typically took you, the reader, through the following Q&A about the subject at hand:

Week 1 – Explain what this section of online marketing is and why it matters
Week 2 – Show how to get started with this section of online marketing
Week 3 – Show how to get better with this section of online marketing
Week 4 – Show the behind-the-scenes look at how JAM uses this section of online marketing

I never came right out and said that that was the strategy. But now that I have, if you’re a loyal reader of the blog or email subscriber, you’re probably nodding your head thinking, “Oh yeah… that’s exactly what she did.”

See, I could’ve kept writing about things that popped into my head each week. I could’ve asked you or others out there on the “interwebs” what they wanted to learn more about…

But I decided to spend 11 straight months writing specifically about my craft.

Why? Because I had to prove that I do, in fact, know what I’m talking about.

Right? I mean, here’s this girl (me) quitting her decent-as-heck corporate marketing job to start her own marketing agency.

You probably figured, maybe she knows what she’s doing, maybe she doesn’t.

But now, 11 months later, I’ve written about every overarching subject in my field. So when someone considers contracting my agency to consult with them and they have a specific need regarding social media or email marketing or any of the other main online marketing tactics, I have back-up, in writing, that yes, I understand the subject and can strategize effectively with it.

Honestly, it may be a little unorthodox to spend 11 months writing about your craft for your service-based company.

We’re so often told, “Write about what your ideal client wants to read about!”

And let’s be real, here. If you’re considering contracting my company for your online marketing needs, I’ll go out on a limb to say you don’t want to, nor have time to, read the ins and outs of strategic online marketing.

That’s why you’re hiring us! So you DON’T have to know the ins and outs of it all.

But alas, you have to know that when you DO contract my company, your money will be well spent.

I can show you testimonials from past satisfied clients. I can show you statistics on how my clients’ business have grown since contracting JAM. And I do. Those things are super powerful.

But I’ve also got an entire library of information on the thing you’re now considering to hire me for.

That shows dedication and a trajectory toward mastery to my ideal client. Two things my ideal client greatly respects.

And total, awesome bonus – this library of information that is my blog is also a great resource for people simply wanting to know more about online marketing.

So when someone finds me online and they’re not really considering contracting us – maybe they’re just starting out or trying to pick my brain on a certain subject – instead of spending a ton of time answering their questions, I can just link over to a blog post that answers their common questions.

Time saver for me. Super helpful for them. Win/Win.

But now. Now I’m completely changing my content strategy.

I’ve decided that for the month of August 2017, I’ll be celebrating my first year in business. Yes, an entire month of celebration. I’ll be celebrating in a bunch of ways, but one outlet will be through the JAM blog.

I’m going to be writing about…

  • The flow of marketing tactics I’ve used in my first year of business
  • Web tools and resources I’ve used in my first year of business
  • Learning resources I’ve tapped into in my first year of business
  • My first year of business in review, PLUS super-powerful trick to making progress and celebrating the big and small wins
  • A preview of where I’m taking JAM in its SECOND year

I’m getting excited just listing those topics out! It’s going to be an awesome month of celebration, friend, and I’m so glad you’re here to celebrate with.

Then, after my month of celebration, I plan to show you every single little piece of my client process – how we go from “I want to market this thing to grow my business” to “Wow! My business is THRIVING!” – writing about every little detail in between.

This, again, will be a long-game content strategy – one that will take probably another year to complete in its entirety. It’ll not just span the online marketing sphere, but the creativity, business-building, and mindset spheres as well.

I cannot CANNOT wait to dive into all of this with you. It’s what I spend all my days doing and to have the platform to share it with you feels like a dream.

So, to review, buckle up.

These blog posts and emails are only going to get better, juicier, and more helpful.

Catch you back here next week to dive into our month-long celebration!

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