How to Create Space for What You Want in 2018

Formulating your projections, writing down your big dreams, making your plans – this is the fun part. I, personally, LOVE planning for pretty much everything.

But if you think you’re “done” after you’ve devised your plan, you’re wrong. Whether you’re planning for a new year or a new month or a new week, you’ve got one more thing to do before jumping into the new thing and expecting your work to go smoothly.

See, too often we work with the numbers within the spreadsheet, get excited and inspired to get to work on making those dreams a reality. But in our fervor to do the work, we miss a step.

We miss the step of creating space for what we want to come into our lives.

Because the truth is, if there’s no space for new and better things, new and better things will not come to us. We can work, work, work till we type our fingers right off of our hands, but if our personal space – our physical, mental, emotional space – is filled with old baggage, crappy clients, disdain for our work, outdated systems, disorganized processes, no time allotted to work on the meaningful stuff… the new and better stuff will NOT come our way.

Think of it this way – when you decide to overhaul your wardrobe , you toss out all the things you no longer feel great in, which opens up space in your closet for your new pieces. If you leave the old, dingy clothes there, there won’t be room for the new stuff AND you’re liable to wear something old that you have no business wearing anymore. You know, that one go-to shirt from college? The one that always made you feel slim and sexy? It’s been half a decade and you’ve got so many higher-quality go-to’s in your closet now.

Cut the cord, woman!

(Speaking to myself, as much as I am to you.)

So how can we purge our proverbial “life closet” to create space for the new, better, higher-quality stuff?

How to Create Space for What You Want in 2018, JAM Marketing Group blog post, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

Here’s where I would start:

*Side note: I’ve written these like prompts for you to ponder and journal through. This may be a blog post you’ll want to bookmark and come back to as you’re journaling through your intentions for this new phase in your journey.

First, get clear on exactly what you want to come into your life. Quantify it as much as possible.

Exactly how much money do you want to bring in next year?
Exactly how many books do you want to read?
Exactly how many clients do you want to work with in a month?

Next, think about YOU a year from now. What is in place to make all of those projections and intentions a reality?

What are your days like a year from now?
Who is in you life?
What is in your life?

Follow that with identifying what needs to change in your current life to make that future life a reality.

How could you change the way you spend your time to align better with your future reality?
What conversations must you have with specific people in your life so they understand the path you’re on to your future reality?
What items might you need to invest in to be closer to your future reality?

Next – and this is where it really starts to get good – check yourself on what you’re allowing into your life right this second. Because remember, if your space is already full, no new and better things will be allowed into it.

Consider these things as you’re auditing what you’re allowing in:

What’s distracting you?
What are you focused on, intentionally or not?
Who is in your inner circle?
Who is influencing you daily?
How are you downloading your thoughts and feelings daily?

Now that you have a grasp on what’s filling your space, purge the things that do not serve your future reality.

And when I say purge, I mean it.

Those proverbial go-to shirts from college? Cut the freaking cord, woman!

Let. It. Go.

Once you’ve purged the old, it’s finally time to create space for the things you want to bring in. Not just mental and emotional space (although those are certainly crucial), but physical space as well.

Here are some ideas of how to create PHYSICAL space for things yet to be seen:

To create space for new clients, hang a dry-erase board or chalkboard in your office and draw a line for every new client you want to earn. This method has been coined The Chalkboard Method by the gals at Being Boss. I’ve embraced it in my own physical space in the form of a dry-erase board and let me just say – it’s INCREDIBLE how quickly those lines get filled with new clients’ names once the line has literally been drawn and the physical space can be filled.

To create space for new people in your life, liquidate your group texts, group messages, Instagram pods, and Facebook Groups that no longer serve your future reality.

To create space for work, back up your computer files on an external hard drive, outside of the computer you log into every day.

To create space for life, clean and tidy your home (or hire someone to) regularly. Donate items that no longer serve your future reality.

To create space for help, start a hand-written list of things to delegate and set a deadline to delegate them by. These can be work and life related. Challenge yourself by asking, “Does my future self complete this task, or does someone else?” If someone else completes it, I urge you to delegate sooner rather than later.

Oh, and one last thing. Go throw out that damn go-to shirt from college.

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