How to Deal With That Voice in Your Head Saying, “You Can’t Do This”

As you’ve been setting projections and intentions for the New Year, you may feel a little inspired… or maybe a little overwhelmed.

You’re anxious to start the work. But there’s also a small piece inside of you that wonders, “Will this be one of those years where I set intentions and then everything falls through?”

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And then your inner critic chimes in with, “Yeah, these goals you’ve set… they’re way too big. You’ll be behind schedule by February. Then what? Huh? You’re doomed.”

Sound familiar?

I’m betting that it does because it’s the trap my mind was in earlier in December and now I’m hearing many of my clients getting wrapped up in it too.

And it’s okay to have these thoughts. It really is. Remember, it’s human nature to question the reality of the situation. And it’s the inner critic’s job to keep you safe.

But in this instance, like many others in an entrepreneur’s life, your next step is a risk you must be willing to take in order to accomplish the next goal you’ve set for yourself.

So while your inner critic is certainly doing her job (impeccably well, as always) and while you understand what you do in the next twelve months will involve some risk and some change and some uncomfortable times, you still must push forward.

You still must progress and grow. It’s at the core of who you are to progress and grow.

To do so, to push forward through these moments of doubt, work through these three frames of thought:

First, swallow the pill that you can’t control everything.

So yes, you’re going to drop the ball at some point during the next twelve months. Some things will certainly fall through, things won’t go perfectly as you had planned.

But there’s beauty and progress in that too.

Next, give your inner critic credit for trying to keep you safe.

“Inner critic, I hear you. I appreciate that you’re trying to keep me from danger and risk.”

And then set her straight.

“And I’m still going to push forward and try these things anyway. Because if I don’t try, I won’t ever know if I can do these things or not. I know you’re coming along for the ride, and you’re welcome to, but please relax.”

Finally, think about what life is like in a year.

Write it all down. Let your conscious thought freely flow through your pen as you write down all the details of your future reality and future self a year from now.

Connecting yourself with that future vision can remind and help your inner critic get used to this “new normal” and the place you’re taking yourself to. It familiarizes you with your future self, making your future reality less scary and unknown.

The more “normal” that future reality and future self feels, the more natural and easy it’ll feel to get there.

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