How Defining Your Best Client Ever Improves Your Bottom Line

Just like setting out on a long trip, the first step in developing a marketing strategy is deciding on a goal. What are you aiming for? Where are you going?

Once you know where you’re heading, the next step is to define who exactly you’re targeting. This is just like deciding exactly who will be in the passenger seat when you set out on your trip.

I’ve outlined, dissected, and even provided an in-depth guide to defining this ideal person, who we, at JAM Marketing Group, affectionately call our “#BestClientEver.”

Once you know exactly who your business, product, and/or service is for, you can build your strategy to get them to know, like, and trust you, enough for them to become a paying client of yours.

This process of creating a strategy, that’s been reviewed throughout my recent blog posts, live trainings, and even an online feature, has been making lightbulbs go off in the minds of many.

One of my favorites was,

Improve your bottom line by defining and aligning with your #BestClientEver

Something about the process just clicks. It is finally making sense how to connect all of these marketing dots.


It’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

There’s a problem.

For some, this stuff clicks and makes sense.

But for some others, they’re getting stuck.

Here’s, word-for-word, what I heard from one trainee:

ideal client

Are you stuck here too?

You know what your end goal is – it’s a revenue number or a fully booked schedule or a certain amount of sales.

But where you might be stuck is nailing down exactly who your ONE ideal client is.

If this is you, you’re probably thinking one or more of these things:

“I could work with many different types of people. In fact, I do. Is it really necessary to narrow it down to just one?”

“I work with less than ideal clients, and they’re not fun to work with, but I need their business. I can’t afford to not work with them. So is it worth it to shift my business away from them?”

“Less isn’t more. I still think the more people I target, the better my business will be.”

I’ve heard all three of these arguments in the last few weeks come from real-life business owners and let me be clear – they’re all completely valid.

You COULD work with many different types of people.

You DO need to make a living.

You COULD target many and have a sustainable business.

But I still stand behind defining ONE #BestClientEver so you can then develop an ultra-targeted marketing strategy. Not so you can get more clients. But so can get BETTER clients.

Clients you actually, genuinely LOVE to work with.

But it’s not just about who you love to work with. I mean, one of my goals IS for you to work with people you enjoy and to avoid those soul-sucking clients that just aren’t a good fit.

But let’s be honest – loving your clients and running a profitable, sustainable business are two entirely different things.

There are four other powerful reasons to define and align your marketing strategy with your #BestClientEver.

How Defining Your Best Client Ever Improves Your Bottom Line by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Four reasons that will improve the livelihood of your business.

Four reasons that will, over time, improve your bottom line.

You in?

You’re in.

Defining and aligning with your #BestClientEver will allow your business to:

  1. Stand for Something
    If you believe in the product or service you’re providing (which, should be a given), you’ve got to stand for it. Stake your claim on its worth and offer it to the person that will find the most value in it.
  2. Make a Name for Yourself
    When you get clearer on who you’re best at serving and serve more and more of those people, word gets out about how perfect you are for the job. You become the expert for those people.

  3. Charge a Premium
    As the expert, you get to charge an expert-level premium on the services you’re providing. You’re in higher demand from this core group of #BestClientsEver and it’s deserved. Cha-ching.

  4. Streamline Your Systems
    The more similar your clients, the more similar your processes and systems throughout your entire business – not just marketing. Your sales process, customer service efforts, and everything in between can be simplified, saving time, money, and headaches.

So while it may be a challenge to narrow your focus onto a specific #BestClientEver, it’s worth it.

Keep trying. Iterate on your definition of this person. Tweak it, grow it, get to the point where you can’t imagine serving anyone else.

Your business and your life within your business is bound to improve.

If you’re looking for direction in defining your #BestClientEver, grab this free introductory workbook to get started.

Author: Brit Kolo