Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Strategies

In today’s blog post, I’m going to introduce you to marketing strategies to make sure we’re on the same page with them. I’ll show you why they matter and how they work at their most base level so when you attempt to create your own, you know the basics.


Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Strategies, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

First, why even create a marketing strategy in the first place?

So glad you asked.

A marketing strategy acts as a roadmap for you and your client. Just as if you were to embark on a long journey to meet someone you’ve always dreamed of meeting, getting your ideal client to become your paying client is much the same.

I, myself, would love to meet Jamie Ivey. Jamie is a Texan mama, Christian worship leader, an author, and the host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast. I’ve been listening to Jamie for over a year now and I just LOVE HER! Every time one of her podcast episodes go live, I stop everything I’m doing to listen. The conversations she has are so meaningful, she’s serious but also fun, and she’s doing amazing work in the world. Yes, it’s a total girl crush at this point!

So if I were to set out to find Jamie and meet her, you better believe I would not just “wing it.” I want to meet her! I’m not just going to leave my house and try to find her without some research and a solid plan in place.

I would research where she’ll be speaking at next, book flights, a hotel and a rental car, plan my outfits. I’d even reach out to Jamie to let her know I’d be there so there’s absolutely no chance I’d travel all that way and not have a chance to give her a hug and fan-girl all over her.

Now, the funny thing is – meeting Jamie Ivey has nothing to do with my business or making money. This is just something I’ve dreamt of doing.

But when it comes to mapping out how you’ll earn paying clients… well, the stakes are certainly higher. Your income is on the line!

So if you’ll go to the extent of planning a trip to meet someone you admire, it only makes sense that you’d map out your marketing strategy with great care.

Without it, how can you be sure that what you’re doing to market your business will earn you ideal paying clients in the end?

Answer: You can’t.

And bonus! Remember how I would reach out to Jamie so she knew I was coming? The same goes for your marketing strategy; a great strategy will intentionally guide your ideal client to you just as much as it’ll lead you to them.

But how does this all work?

Again, great question – you’re on fire today. 😉

An effective marketing strategy – one that truly earns you ideal paying clients – works by guiding your ideal client through the stages of:

  • Knowing about your business,
  • Liking your business,
  • And finally, trusting your business to do what you say it will.

These three stages of your ideal client’s journey must happen in order for them to open up their wallets and buy.

For some businesses, all three stages can happen within a few minutes.

For instance, a customer walks into a downtown boutique for the first time, having never heard of it before, loves the relaxed vibe of the place, watches a pleased customer walk out the door with a well-branded bag from this store, finds a necklace and BOOM, sale made.

A few minutes ago, this customer didn’t even know this boutique existed. But as she saw the storefront as she walked by, she checked off the “know” box. As she enjoyed the relaxed vibe, she checked off the “like” box. And as she saw a fellow customer happy with her purchase, she checked off the “trust” box.

It doesn’t always happen like this, though, right?

Especially when it comes to service-based businesses, the know, like, and trust stages of the marketing strategy can take weeks, months, even years.

Just last week I earned a new paying client after months of her working through my marketing strategy. She first found out about me and my business within a Facebook Group around July 2016. She then came to like my business after we hopped on a Zoom call to get to know each other’s businesses in March 2017. Finally, after being on my email list, engaging with me in Facebook Groups, emailing back and forth once in awhile, listening to my podcast, and following me on Instagram, enough trust was built that she was ready to become my paying client in October 2017.

And this is exactly why I primarily work with service-based business owners. This sh*t is not easy. It’s often a long game – not a short one. So without an effective marketing strategy and the guts/grit/discipline/tenacity/accountability to see it through, it can be one big, overwhelming, frustrating mess.

My goal is to un-jumble that mess with these subsequent posts, ultimately guiding you through creating your own effective marketing strategy – one that truly earns you ideal paying clients.

And in the meantime, does anyone have a random connection to Jamie Ivey and can hook a sister up? Had to ask!

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