Excedrin #DebateHeadache Tweet; Why It’s a Success

Excedrin has officially won the final debate in the 2016 Presidential Election, with this single tweet:


Okay, so maybe they didn’t OFFICIALLY win it, but based on America’s reaction to it, they basically did.

I caught wind of this throughout the day today as one of my tweets about the campaign started getting attention. My Twitter following is small, so it’s not an everyday occurrence that I’m getting retweeted and liked constantly. Here’s my tweet:


Mad Men fans, you’re so welcome.

Excedrin #DebateHeadache Tweet; Why It's a Success by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

So WHY is this ONE sponsored tweet getting so much attention?


It’s the day of the final debate in the 2016 Presidential Election season. Point blank – tonight is kind of a big deal. And by “kind of,” I don’t mean “kind of.”


The tweet itself presents a statistic. Generally, statistics matter to some and don’t matter to others (think Sheldon Cooper and Penny). But Excedrin’s #DebateHeadache stat is different. It’s a stat that we all already know. It’s inherent within in us at this point. And the stat itself proves that point! 64% of our country’s citizens feel this way!


We inherently know that this stat is true because at least 64% of us (Americans) feel it internally. We’re totally sick of it. It’s headache-inducing. Even those of us (okay, most of us) who are attached to our phones are vowing to not check any social media feeds tonight because of the impending fury and anger sure to be plastered all over them.


WHAT can we LEARN from Excedrin’s Debate Tweet success?

  1. Great campaigns utilize timing, truth, and emotion to their advantage.

  2. A catchy hashtag can only help.

  3. Twitter sponsored ads are not dead (when done RIGHT).


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