Be Heard, Gain Traction, and Stop Holding Back; A No-BS Guide

The next time you’re frustrated with your new idea or latest project not taking hold, not making the impact you were sure it was going to make, refer back to this very blog post.

See, I work with female entrepreneurs every day, which gives me the unique opportunity to not only coach them through the good times, but through the bad times too.

You know. Those times when you’re completely psyched about this idea you’ve cooked up in your head, you’ve gotten it out into the world, and all you hear are crickets.

How could all your hard work be for nothing?! This is a good idea! How can people not see that?! How are people not throwing their money at me? Why can everyone else figure this online business stuff out but me?!

Be Heard, Gain Traction, and Stop Holding Back; A No-BS Guide, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

Okay, okay. Enough with the hand-wringing.

We’ve all been there, right? *sheepishly raises hands along with everyone else*

I know you’ve been there (or are maybe even there right this second) because I’ve been there and every single one of my clients have been there too.

We have brilliant ideas. We’re creative. We’re entrepreneurs. We see problems in the world and then creatively develop solutions to those problems.

The issue here is not the idea.

And in fact, the issue here is very rarely the execution of the idea.

The issue – the main source of your frustration – is stemming from you not telling people about your solution enough.

Don’t get me wrong here. You’re most likely telling enough people… you’re simply not telling those people enough times for them to seriously consider investing in your solution and then to open their wallets and invest.

And yes, this is even the case when you have a “low Follower count” on your social media channels and a “small email list” (whatever that means). With even just 50 people to reach out to via social, email, or a good old fashioned phone call, I’d bet you could sell whatever it is you’re trying to sell. I’d also bet you have a lot more than 50 people to reach out to.

So how can you grab the attention of your audience? How can you be heard, gain traction, and stop holding back with this thing you’re trying to sell?

Four Key Ways to Do This

  1. Get a solid reality check.Remember – you’re the only person in the entire world that reads every word you write. You’re also the only person in the entire world that sees everything post you publish on social media.
    Your audience, at best, skims what you write and thanks to social media algorithms, your followers will only see some of your posts, if any at all.
  2. Stop thinking one email or one post will do the trick.This one seems pretty obvious after point #1, eh?
    You’ll need to email and post about your solution several times for an audience member to seriously consider investing in it. There’s no magic formula to know how many times you’ll need to email or post about it. (I repeat – there’s no magic formula and anyone trying to sell you one is full of it.) You’ll only ever know how many times to email or post through experimentation with your unique audience.
  3. Apply scarcity.Since you know how many clients you need and can handle at one time, make that number known to your audience. (Not sure what that number is yet? Click here to figure it out.)
    Scarcity is powerful because it forces people to make a decision. If your audience knows you only have two more spots open in your Group Coaching Program, they’re mind automatically understands that if they don’t decide to invest in the program or not now, they might miss their chance altogether.
  4. Apply urgency.If you have a real-life deadline for your offer, make sure your audience knows about it. Countdown to that deadline to the point that it feels annoying to you. Remember – you are the ONLY one that cares about this deadline. Everyone else has soooooo much going on, they will NOT care unless you tell them over and over.
    And yes, there’s a possibility that someone in your audience will get annoyed by the countdown and unsubscribe or unfollow. THAT’S OKAY. They were never going to buy from you anyway. But the people truly qualified as ideal clients for your business will be thankful for the reminders and updates.
    If you don’t have a real-life deadline for your offer, I encourage you to remind your audience of their mental cravings – those things you know they’re hungry for and that you can provide them – and openly ask them, “Why wait? You know you want/need this, so why wait to get it?”


Employ these four steps to take your business from unheard, unseen, and frustrated… to heard, seen, and growing.

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