How to Start Your Money Mindset Journey

Guest Post by Kristy Runzer of OnRoute Financial, How to Start Your Money Mindset Journey, JAM Marketing Group Blog Post, marketing that feels good for creative, big-dreaming entrepreneursOne of my favorite analogies for money mindset work and attracting financial abundance is the analogy of the journey.  On your money journey, there will be many roadblocks and milestones. You will have many new experiences, challenges, and learnings along the way.  This is something that is best done slowly, over time, with continuous efforts.

It’s also really scary.  Eek! Considering you have to face all your biggest money fears head on – no big deal, right?!

The good news is you’re not alone.  There are many creative female entrepreneurs who are working to build a profitable business from their passion, contribute to their household, create their dream life and legacy, and cultivate financial abundance, and they’re thriving on their money journey.

It’s empowering to grow on this money journey – know your numbers and what it takes to create your dream life, continuously work to form more positive and abundant minded beliefs.

The most important thing is to get started.  There is no amount of preparation to do, you just have to jump in.  You can do this girl!

You can start right now with the *ASK YOURSELF prompts included in this post.  This is an opportunity to really reflect, take a step back, and look at your finances (and life!) as an observer and a noticer.


What I Reflected On Before Starting My Money Journey

The beginning – Joined a financial planning firm where I could grow my own practice and participate in a training program to learn how to get clients and financial planning skills.

The environment – 55+, white, male dominated.  Served 55+, white, millionaires. Salesy.

Achievements – $60,000 annual income from maintaining current client base.  Growing every year. Could sell my practice for $100k. Able to enjoy time off with friends and family on vacation.  Got the CFP designation.

Things Missing – Not passionate about the business.  Lack of motivation to keep going. Feeling unhappy but not sure how to make a change.  Feeling depressed and anxious.

ASK YOURSELF – What does this look like for you?  Where did you start, what was that like, what achievements did you make, what’s missing for you now?


What Made Me Realize I Had a Lot of Money Work to Do

I thought I had all the money stuff figured out.  After all, I was a financial planner and the numbers were no problemo.  I had all of my tracking systems in place and was doing my regular monthly financial reviews.

But ohhh boy was I wrong.  This money journey is about more than the numbers.  It’s also about the mind.

My money mindset really got bad when I was at my lowest – not prospecting for new clients, gaining credit card debt, and dealing with low income earning months.

It was after a couple of monthly reviews that it finally clicked for me.  I noticed how debilitated I felt after I had a monthly review and saw low income and credit card debt, again.  I also was aware that I was taking zero action to change my situation.

On the worst days, I’d feel so terrible that I’d just lay in bed and watch tv for the rest of the day.  One day, it just clicked. I had a problem, and I have the power to make a change.  

*ASK YOURSELF – What money situations do you avoid?  What makes you feel nervous? Where do you notice money holding you back?  Do you believe you can change your situation?

How to Start Your Money Mindset Journey - Guest Post by Kristy Runzer of OnRoute Financial, JAM Marketing Group with Brit Kolo

How This May Show Up for You

The story I shared comes from a pivotal moment in my life and business.  Transitions are a great time to do money work.

But I’ll tell you, sister, your money journey may just be around the smaller things that happen in your day to day life, yet add up.

Do any of these things resonate with you?

Underprice services or offer discounts

Feel like you never make enough money

Avoid looking at your finances regularly

Feel insecure or anxious around money

Question or doubt that you’re doing the right things

Feel overwhelmed, get in a state of inaction

Believe you aren’t smart enough to manage your money

Have trouble setting and enforcing boundaries

Have trouble seeing value beyond financial

*ASK YOURSELF – When is the last time I noticed feeling small around money, like I was restricted, and not feeling super great?  Maybe it’s a physical feeling or an intuition about a money situation.


The Dream

The dream is to achieve financial abundance.  Abundance means more to me then just money. It’s more about why you want to make money in the first place.  It’s also about what you value most in life, and living in alignment with that.  

It could be showing up as your authentic self, serving others, creating and living in your flow, enjoying the present moment, quality time with loved ones, being a present mom and wife – this list is yours to create and customize!

*ASK YOURSELF – What does financial abundance mean to you?  How do you want to live and what impact do you want to leave on this planet?  What’s most important for you to accomplish in this lifetime?


What I’ve learned on My Money Journey So Far

  1. Awareness is the first step.  Notice how you feel in different money situations.
  2. Think about the messages and interactions you had with money growing up from parents/family, society, peers, spiritual beliefs, etc.
  3. What beliefs did you form because of those past money messages?
  4. Try and connect the dots between the beliefs you formed and how you view money now.
  5. Notice beliefs you formed that are strong and work to overcome those that hold you back.
  6. Limiting beliefs are a beast to overcome.  You have to try things and experiment.  What works for you will be different then what works for someone else.


Tools You Can Use on Your Money Journey

  1. Journaling
  2. Know your top 5 core values
  3. Positive affirmations
  4. Professional help
  5. Yoga
  6. Meditation
  7. All things self care
  8. Financial Planning
  9. Practice Gratitude
  10. Know your worth
  11. Give and receive
  12. Invest in yourself
  13. Be your authentic self
  14. Books, Podcasts, Blogs

*ASK YOURSELF – What resources are you using in your money journey right now?  What would you love to be your next step to uplevel this whole money mindset thing?


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with resources and you want some personalized recommendations, schedule a coffee and money chat with me, I will ask some questions to get to know you better and help you figure out some action steps to get started.  I so look forward to getting to know you!



About the Author

Kristy Runzer of OnRoute FinancialKristy Runzer is the Founder of OnRoute Financial. She helps overwhelmed, female entrepreneurs feel good about their money, take action like a boss, and make smart financial decision by practicing financial self care. When Kristy is not doing all things entrepreneurship, women in biz, and finances, you can find her practicing yoga, traveling, or spending time with family and friends.


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Final Thoughts from Brit

I first met Kristy at a conference in the Fall of 2017. She led a small money mindset workshop that helped me uncover the very first steps of my money mindset journey.

Right after meeting her, I downloaded Jen Sincero’s book, “You Are a Badass at Making Money.” That uncovered a few others steps for me.

And within about a week, I realized I still needed help. I needed guidance, another perspective, support, and accountability with this money mindset journey of mine.

So I reached out to Kristy. It was an uncomfortable thing to do. I felt vulnerable and weird talking about money with a stranger. AND it was a huuuuge relief to talk about money with a stranger. It felt impossible to talk about it with anyone else, but with Kristy, while it felt vulnerable and weird, I could at least begin opening up.

I had never felt that kind of relief around money before.

Kristy and I worked together for a few weeks and made great progress together. Overall, she helped me better understand the stories I had in my head about money that weren’t true and she helped me face those stories, look them “straight in the eye” and speak truth back into them.

So. Schedule a Coffee + Money Chat with Kristy if you’re feeling a need of release around the topic of money. She’s your girl.

PS. I have absolutely no affiliation with Kristy. I get nothing for telling you this or recommending her. In fact, I reached out TO HER to have her on the blog because I believe in what she does so much.

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