This One Thing Can Drastically Improve Your Business This Holiday Season

There is just one thing I urge you to think about this Holiday Season.

ONE thing.

Yes, you’ll be with family and friends and have plenty of people and activities to tend to you.

But thinking about this one thing won’t take long. Maybe 5 seconds.

I urge you to consider where your mind is.

Where is it?

Are you present at dinner? Are you present with your loved ones?

Are you truly, presently thankful?

Or are you distracted?

Are you thinking about all the things left to do at work, on your business? Are you distracted by that?

Are you viewing this holiday, not as a blessing, but as one less day you can get work done?

If you’re truly present in the moment, kudos. You’ve made it. Seriously. You have built a business and created boundaries in your life so your business doesn’t overflow everywhere, mucking things up.

If you’re NOT truly present – you’re distracted and burdened by the fact that one day off means more work the next day – take note of that.

Take note.

That’s all I suggest that you do for right now.

Be aware of it.

See, it’s not always “bad” to be distracted by work. Sometimes this means that you’re just hyper-focused on a goal and that’s what has taken priority for a time for you.

If that’s you – you’re just simply focused right now and yes, Thanksgiving is getting in the way at the moment – I see you. I get it. Keep working hard.

But (and this is a big one) if this is NOT a one-and-done situation, if this a recurring theme of your business and life, take note of that too.

Seriously, write it down.

Write down this moment in time when you’re realizing that not just this season but other important holidays or birthdays or events in life have been muddled by your ever-burdening business work load.

And then, if you can (YOU CAN), believe that it does NOT have to be this way.

One holiday does NOT have to bring added stress to your already full plate. It doesn’t!

How can this be?

Two things.

This One Thing Can Drastically Improve Your Business This Holiday Season by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Intentional boundaries. And delegation.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers about achieving “work life balance.” I’m not even sure if it actually exists the way some people say it does.

But I do believe in and practice intentionality and the art (yes, it’s an art form, I’m convinced) of delegation.

If you’re facing the holidays with a pit in your stomach about how much freaking work you have to do and less days to get it done, I suggest that you take note of that.

And then, if you honestly want this to be the last holiday you feel like this, use this 1-page worksheet to define your work/life boundaries and formulate a delegation plan.

The worksheet is totally free – I’m not even asking for you email address.

And yes, this is for solopreneurs too – those completely on their own in their business. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, delegation sounds great but I’m a one man/woman show.”

I promise you, you can delegate too. Trust me.

I’m a solopreneur and have successfully delegated several tasks in the last month, giving me back about 10 hours PER WEEK! It’s possible.

But how does this drastically improve your business?

So glad you asked.

The quality of your work depends heavily on the quality of your life outside of your business. Many, many people have proven this to be true.

If you can set intentional boundaries and delegate tasks to others, you can be more present in the task at hand AND gain back valuable hours of time that now can be spent on higher-paying activities.

For instance, if I take tomorrow off for Thanksgiving and fully, 100% focus on the people I’m around, it is probable that my work on Friday will be of higher quality than if I would’ve been distracted the day prior, thinking about work, but not working.

In the same vein, if I delegate administrative tasks to my assistant that are necessary but are not revenue-generating, I gain by 10 hours of my week that I can now spend GENERATING REVENUE.

Hollaaaa for revenue!


Click the link, download the PDF, and answer the questions. These questions will purposefully force you to take stock of this holiday work/life balance issue, define some boundaries, AND create a delegation plan.

Get the PDF here.

That’s it. Go do it.

If you found this practice helpful, I’d love to hear about it. Please, PLEASE let me know if this was great or if it sucked.

I want to know because I’m dedicated to serving small business owners.

Leave me a comment below, tweet at me, send me a Facebook or Instagram message, email me ( Your choice!

Thanks for diving into this with me. Let’s talk soon. In the meantime, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!

— Brit

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