Let It Be Easy

I’ve been triggering people lately. I’ve met some resistance in my messaging and what I stand for. People are openly rebelling against a core message I’ve been sharing.

It’s this: “Let it be easy.”

I’ve shared versions of this message all over my Instagram feed and stories, last week in my video message to you, in other emails, on Facebook, in conversations with clients.

The message works like this:

Someone is pushing, forcing, searching for an answer to their problem. And instead of digging in deeper and deeper with them to try to force a solution, I simply ask, “What would [this solution] look like if it were easy?

And while some people receive it well, others immediately resist it.

Does “let it be easy” trigger you a bit too?

Maybe your immediate reaction to it sounds like, “But it’s NOT easy.

Your wall goes up because you feel like I’m dismissing the real struggle you’re in.

I can assure you, I’m not dismissing your struggle. What I’m attempting to do is to get you out of the weeds for a second.

See, we all tend to overcomplicate things, don’t we? We get “in the weeds” with our own problems, we lose sight of the truth a bit, and because of our grit and determination and drive and need for success, we keep pushing and pushing and going farther and farther into the weeds.

And I’m choosing to gently grab your hand and encourage you to look up for a second.

Look up. Get some perspective. And allow yourself to not push and force it anymore.


But then that creates another problem.

We’ve been taught to think hard work and grit and determination and pushing and forcing are all good things. When we work hard, we deserve more. When we work hard, we are more.

And somehow, our work – how difficult it is, how long we are at it for – gets all wrapped up with our self-worth.

The harder we work, the better we are as a person.

So when I encourage you to let it be easy, your self-worth is threatened.

If it’s easy, it’s not worth much. If your work is less difficult, you are worth less.


With it laid out like that, can you see how detrimental this connection between your work and your self-worth is?

Listen, I don’t blame you. I still get wrapped up into this lie sometimes too, even after months and months of consciously disconnecting the two. We’ve been told this lie for the entirety of our lives, which can take time to dispel.


I do, however, need to make this point:

You can choose, right now, to let it be easy and not lose an ounce of self-worth.

You can choose to not force it, not push it, not drive yourself into the ground, while still being absolutely everything you already are and not losing a damn thing.

You can choose to let marketing, business, and life feel good and not be any less of a person.

Let it be easy! blog post from Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group

It’s a choice, though. One I encourage you to make.

If you choose to let it be easy, here’s what I’d like you to do:

Grab the closest notebook or Google doc and answer these few questions.

  1. What are you struggling with right now, in this moment? Give me detail.
  2. How have you attempted to solve this problem so far?
  3. How have those attempts been working out for you?
  4. What would it look like if the solution to your problem was easy?

I just let out a deep sigh imagining you choosing to answer those questions because I know the relief they bring.

Once you’ve answered those questions, congratulations – you’ve begun the journey of disconnecting your work with your self-worth.

And girlfriend, you are heading straight for freedom on this journey you just started. Woo!


Now, tell me, how do you feel after this exercise? COMMENT BELOW and let me know what emotions are coming up for you.

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