How to Make Money from Your Email List

Ah, we’ve finally made it. The holy grail of list building. Actually earning a dollar (or hopefully many dollars) from The List.

So you’ve taken my (and Marketing Thought-Leader Tara Gentile’s) advice and focused on building a list full of qualified leads.


Now what? How do you get them to actually pay you money?

The Answer: A Nurture Sequence.

*Some of you just folded, thinking, “Ugh. More marketing jargon. But HOW?!”*

I’m going to show you exactly how a great nurture sequence works.

*Fist pump!*

But first, you’ve got to know… what I’ll outline for you is just that – an outline. A super basic template, if you will.

Some businesses may find great success using this basic outline, while others may need a more elaborate sequence. Either way, the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factors remain the same.

How to Make Money from Your Email List by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Here’s a basic email nurture sequence beginning immediately after your ideal prospective client gives you their email address:

#1 Thank them for opting in and deliver the information you offered.

Consider this basic common sense and good human ethics. It’s not a given that they’ll trust you with their email address, so thank them and follow through on what you said you’d give them.

#2 Introduce who you are, what you do, and why you do it, always focusing on how this benefits them.

Consider this their opportunity to get to know you a bit better. Up until this point, you’re not sure what they’ve been told about you. Sure, they’ve visited your website, but they may have only made it to your home page and have no idea about the scope of how you can help them. This is your chance to control that message so they’re fully up-to-date.

#3 Offer more helpful information they need right now.

This is where the sequence moves into the “LIKE” phase. They know about you and now it’s time to present yourself and business as like-able.
If this extra layer of information is what they need and they click to read, they’re close to being ready to buy.

#4 Show them a relevant bit of your track record.

Now we need to build trust with this qualified lead. It’s human nature to appreciate others’ testimonials when thinking about purchasing. Offer it to them at this stage in the game.

#5 Offer them a test drive.

After receiving others’ positive feedback, they trust you. Some of them may have already reached out and asked how they can work with you. (Always a great moment!)
But still some need a sure-fire sign that you’re worth the investment. Just like when buying a car, they need a test drive. Give them a true taste of what it’s like to work with you so they can reap the immediate benefits of that experience. 

#6 Give them a clear call to action.

Finally, give it to them straight. Offer your service or product to purchase.


This entire outline is Sales 101.

It goes back to that ever-applicable KNOW, LIKE, TRUST sequence of earning your ideal client’s business.

Again, this is the basic outline. It can get much more elaborate than this, but the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factors remain the same.

Next week, I’ll once again be taking you behind the scenes into some real-life email list-building success stories. Expect some great takeaways and motivation to finally make that email list work for you.

Have a qualified list but need one-on-one guidance on how to make money from it?

I can help. In fact, that’s what I do for most of my current clients at some point in their marketing strategy.

Remember? The email inbox is where trust is built. So it’s usually part of the strategy I build for them.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to earn business from your list of qualified leads. Schedule your JAM Session with me here.

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