Brit Kolo Marketing Coach to Conscious Creative Big-Dreaming Entrepreneurs

Your Marketing Coach, Accountability Partner,
Abundance Junkie, & Seeerious Lover of All Plants.

The one that comes alongside you to co-create a smart, feel-good marketing strategy for your business.

The one that helps you stick to the plan.

The one that tells you exactly what you need to hear.

The one that sees through all the crap – the excuses, the bad days, the inner critic telling you you’re not good enough – to bring it back to you and this brilliant business you’ve built.

The one that guides you to growth based on your values and those big, big dreams of yours.

The one who believes in Close Relationship, Collaboration, Independence, Integrity, Meaningful Work, Reeeally Good Coffee… and YOU.

Now, let’s get started!

This Welcome Guide is designed to do just that – welcome you to working with me and outline all sorts of things so there are little to no surprises as we work together.

(I mean, I’m all for surprise parties, but surprise anything-else can get chaotic and not fun super quickly.)

You’ll find the following in this Welcome Guide:

  • An outline of the process and timeline we’ll work through
  • Communication expectations
  • Tools we’ll use
  • Additional services available
  • What to do as soon as you’ve read through the Guide

First, here’s another look at our estimated timeline.

PHASE 1 Defining Values, Offerings, and Goals; Days 1-10

We’ll first get a read on how you naturally show up in the world as you. This is crucial information as we begin deciding the best way to market the things you’ll be providing. You will then put in writing what you what you offer and several other parameters around your business’s success. We’ll discuss not just what this business means for your client, but also for you, as the business owner, and your future.

PHASE 2 Defining the Ideal Client; Days 10-20

You will research several pieces of information about your ideal client’s demographic and psychographic profile. Not only will you gather valuable information about your ideal client through this process, but it will also help to validate your presumed marketable service. This first Phase truly sets the firm foundation on which you’ll build all other levels of your marketing strategy, implementation, and success of your business.

PHASE 3 Mapping Path to Sale; Days 20-30

Based on who your ideal client is, you will determine what their path to sale (aka “buyers journey”) will be. This entails discovering where your ideal client will first find out about you, where they’ll get to like you and your business, where they’ll get to trust you and your business, and finally, where they’ll become a paying client of you and your business. Once the path to sale is defined, we’ll strategize on ways to best present your business on those platforms to achieve the end goal of earning paying clients.

PHASE 4 Auditing Visual and Written Brand; Days 30-45

Next, we’ll give direction to your visual brand (i.e. graphic and web design), while crafting your business’s messaging (i.e. sales pitch, sales copy, ideal client vernacular, etc). From these exercises, you will be able to define your cultural ideals, lending insight into how you will do business now and into the future.

PHASE 5 Implementing Strategy; Days 45 – 180

Once the foundational pieces have been placed, you will create and implement systems to marketing your business, based on your determined path to sale. We will continue to strategize ways to make these systems repeatable so they serve you not just in this phase of working together, but far into the future.

Here’s how we’ll communicate on an ongoing basis.

My team and I will correspond with you via e-mail, Asana, and Zoom web conference app.

If you happen to have another preferred platform for communication, you are welcome to offer it as an option. Just know that I’m dedicated to maximizing efficiency and effectiveness throughout this entire process, so I reserve the right to decline this offered option if it does not fit well into my team’s work flow.

Expect my response time to be within 48 hours if on a weekday, 72 hours if on a weekend day.

I will not be available for travel or in-person events or meetings unless discussed and agreed to by both parties as an amendment to this proposal and contract.

And here are the tools we’ll use while we work together.

Currently, my team and I use the following tools in our daily operations:

  1. Asana for task lists, project management, due dates, and assignments
    *One of your very next steps will be to create an Asana account (if don’t have one yet) and share the email address that is associated with your Asana account so we can share your Project with you.
  2. Google Drive for file storage and sharing
  3. LastPass for the sharing of confidential information like usernames and passwords
  4. for web call coaching sessions.

If you happen to have another preferred tool to use, you are welcome to offer it as an option. Just know that I’m dedicated to maximizing efficiency and effectiveness throughout this entire process, so I reserve the right to decline this offered option if it does not fit well into my team’s work flow.

And just so you know, we offer these other services too!

And finally, here’s what you need to do next!

The following tasks should be completed by the time we have our first Coaching Call:

  1. Create an Asana account (if you don’t have one yet).
  2. Take the 16Personalities Assessment. (It’s free and necessary for our work together.)
  3. Answer the questions in the New Client Questionnaire I sent you via email.
  4. Accept the invitation, sent to your inbox, to collaborate on our Asana Project.

Complete those four tasks and then we’ll get to connect on our first ever Coaching Call together soon!