The One Surefire Way to Create Meaningful Growth in Your Business

If you’re like me and the clients I work with each week, you are aiming to grow this year. And you’ve spent a hefty chunk of time over the past few weeks to set your goals for 2018.

You’ve reflected, you’ve projected, you’ve done some deep work to decide what you want your 2018 to look like and feel like and be like for yourself, your business, and for others in your life.

And now we’re here. Firmly standing within 2018.

It’s time to act.

It’s time to make your launch plans and structure your schedule and be ultra-productive and do #ALLTHETHINGS.

And while I do spend a lot of my time coaching creative, big-dreaming entrepreneurs how to bring their dreams into reality with detailed, specific plans and action steps… detailed, specific plans and action steps are NOT what you need right now.

You will need them eventually. But not yet.

Before you create your timelines and due dates and schedules for this year, I encourage you to do something often overlooked, something often thought of as “corporate” and “stuffy,” first.

The One Surefire Way to Create Meaningful Growth in Your Business, JAM Marketing Group blog post, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

I encourage you to define your business’s core values.

And then – only then – do I suggest moving on to developing your detailed launch plans and timelines and action steps.

Must you define your core values in order to run a business? Absolutely not. It’s not a requirement.

In fact, I went over a year in business without core values.

But then, by the instruction of my Money Coach, Kristy, I sat down and defined them for my business a few months ago. The exercise was powerful – it confirmed what was really at the core of how I do business but of which was never put into writing.

But even more powerful than defining them was actually putting them into play. Actually using them to make decisions in my business, how I spend my money, how I spend my time, who I spend my time with.

That’s truly where the value lies within your core values – the application of them.

So once you’ve defined them, I encourage you to keep them at the center of your planning.

Instead of creating a launch plan based on how much money you need to bring in, try creating it based on what, at your core, you value most.

Instead of creating a daily routine based on what you’ve always had to do in your business, try creating it based on what, at your core, you value most.

Because THAT’S how meaningful growth is attained in business.

Not solely through following the right launch blueprint and hiring the right designer for your rebrand and visualizing the results before they happen.

Those are all incredibly important – don’t get me wrong.

But they’re secondary to first being centered on core values you’ve intentionally defined for your business.

Because if you can define your core values now, all the following steps in your planning and execution process will be grounded in exactly how you want to show up in the world. Then, once growth is realized, it’s been done in the way you truly, genuinely intended.

To define your unique core values, you’ll need this worksheet (no email required), guiding you through the simple, 20-minute exercise.

The exercise will challenge you to select your top 15 core values from the list of 30+ values. Then you’ll narrow to your top 10. And finally, to your top 5.

Of course, if you think of a core value that’s not on the original list, you can always add it in for yourself.

And if you’re wondering, my core values are:

  1. Close Relationship
  2. Collaboration
  3. Freedom/Independence
  4. Integrity
  5. Meaningful Work

Since defining these for my business, I’ve seen the focus on each of them play out in various ways.

One quite obvious way my core values has shaped my planning for 2018 is how my valuing of freedom/independence has given me the permission to take the entire month of October off this year.

Prior to defining these core values, I’m not sure that I would’ve allowed myself that type of freedom from my business. But now that I know that value is at the core of who I am and how I do business, taking the month off has been an easy, natural decision and one that I know I won’t regret.

To experience the clarity and growth that comes from defining and applying your core values…

I invite you to attend my next webinar, happening on Tuesday, January 16th. Register here.

During this one-hour training, I will to show you how to work ON your business – doing all of those pivotal tasks that will create growth in your business this year – without letting your clients down.

Because that’s the fear, right? That you’ll let your clients down by taking an hour here or there to work ON your business.

And then the crippling thought of, “But I don’t make money when I’m working ON my business. I can’t bill for those hours.” Yikes! More of how to combat that next week. Promise.

Register for the webinar here to create a REALISTIC plan on how you’ll work ON your business this year to experience meaningful growth.

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