The One Thing You Need to Know About Online Marketing Strategies in 2017

It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to offer up “ The Top 10 Things to Watch for in 2017” and “2017’s Biggest Trends That Will Affect Your Business!”

Some of these lists are gold. Corbett Barr’s list of 10 Trends in Small Internet Business for 2017 and Beyond is a high-quality example. It’s thoughtful, thought-provoking, but still tried-and-true. Zero hype. (Highly recommended read.)

Other lists are straight-up overwhelming. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need 50 marketing habits every business should have. Or 68 ways to write more blog posts. Or 37 ways to make my brand stand out.

I might skim through these articles, in the hopes of one or two gems of information I hadn’t yet thought of, but I’m certainly not consuming them in-full. You aren’t either.

In reality, these overwhelming lists of 500 things (exaggeration, but you get it) aren’t even created to be consumed fully. They’re simply SEO drivers for the site that published it.

It’s not wrong. It’s an effective way to get a ton of people on your site, reading your stuff. And maybe, just maybe, someone will find a gem or two in there that they can find value in.

But for those of us simply overwhelmed by these lists (and, let’s face it, by the sheer number of them all over the Internet right now), there’s a better way.

There is a way to find what actually will matter in 2017.

Without wanting to pull your hair out.


Goal = Not to be this girl.

But first, understand you’ve got three options here at the end of a year and at the start of a new one.

With all of these lists flying around, opinions of where your focus should be, reasons to throw yourself into this strategy or that tactic, your three options are as follows:

  1. You chase every new change and tactic.

  2. You ignore it all and stay your course.

  3. You build your own unique strategy based on your ideal customer.

The One Thing You Need to Know About Online Marketing Strategies in 2017 by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Chasing every new change and tactic may sound exciting to some. In fact, a great number of us entrepreneurs are prone to this. Call it serial entrepreneurism, call it ADHD, call it whatever.

Chasing the next new thing can be fun. You can win big with this strategy. Sometimes.

But it’s risky. It’s super risky. Without a structure to hold you up when the next new thing is over-inflated and too good to be true, you’re left back at square one, having wasted time, energy, and/or money.


Ignoring all the trends and staying your course could be enticing too. You’re focused. What you’ve done in the past has worked, so why change?

Putting your blinders on like this can be fruitful for a time.

But this is also risky. Remain the same for too long, don’t shift, don’t upgrade, don’t innovate, and you could be surpassed by your competitors in what will feel like a heart beat.


Building your own unique strategy holds incredible power. You recognized that as soon as you saw it in the list of three options.

Your own unique strategy can offer both adaptability and rigidity. You’re able to change, but you have the structure behind you to know what changes should be made and which ones aren’t for you.

But this also requires the most time and effort upfront. Smart online marketing strategies don’t get built by reading a blog post or two. They might start there, but there’s more work to do.

I, myself, just posted an article last week about why I’m using LinkedIn more than any other social media channel right now. But that does not, by any means, mean that everyone should be doing the same. Not at all!

Before you can move in any one direction intentionally, you must identify who your ideal customer really, truly is.

Get in there. Figure out the nitty gritty details of their lives, needs, and desires.

Through this, you’ll identify how they want to be reached and ultimately, how they want to be served by you and your business.

The person that likes to chase every new thing is thinking, “Nah, I’ll figure that out as I go!”

The person that would rather put his blinders on and stay the course is thinking, “I already know who my customer is and what they need.”

As stated earlier, these are both risky mindsets.

Figuring things out as you go can be a big game of smoke and mirrors, high hopes and crushed dreams. Melodramatic, but true.

Thinking you already know everything can lead you to miss key changes in your market and getting surpassed by your competitors. I hear the Jaws theme song now.

I don’t need to spell it out at this point, but I will.

The one strategy that will matter in 2017 is YOURS – your unique online marketing strategy based on your ideal customer.

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I encourage you to do the work now to figure out who that ideal customer is and structure your strategy toward that.

If you’ve done this before, consider how your ideal customer may have changed over the past year or two. Have they evolved, causing the need for you to evolve as well?

To get you started, I’m offering this straightforward, no-frills, let’s-get-down-to-business, FREE guide to defining your ideal customer. It’s where I start with every single one of my marketing clients. Get it here:

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