How to Prepare for Our Upcoming Webinar About Money

I’m going to show you how to know exactly how much money you’ll make in 2018.

But not just yet. That lesson will come in the form of a webinar on Thursday, December 14th, 2017. Read all about why I’m offering this free, live, zero-pitch webinar here, in case you missed it last week.

And of course, register here – we’ve got about 40 people registered so far!

Now, onto the good stuff.

You could certainly just show up to the webinar, having not prepared anything, and still get the promised value out of it. Feel free to do that.

But if you’d like the webinar to be a great experience, guaranteed, I’ve got three simple steps for you to take between now and Thursday, December 14th. These steps will allow you to become better educated about your own numbers relating to 2017, which in turn, may help you better project into 2018.

How to Prepare for Our Upcoming Webinar About Money, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

First, know how much you made in 2017.

Take a quick look at QuickBooks (or Freshbooks or wherever you house your business financial information) and find your 2017 annual Profit and Loss Statement. Two important numbers to know off the top of your head from this statement is your Gross Revenue (how much money you brought in) and your Net Profit (how much money you made after expenses).

If it’s not that straightforward for you, don’t sweat it. I can’t stress enough how peaceful this process should be for you. If you’re not in a calm place to look at these numbers right now, don’t. I, myself, am not a “numbers person” and have worked for years to get a handle on my visceral reaction toward numbers, finally getting to a place where I can look at them objectively most of the time. If you’re not there yet, that’s okay. Move on to step two and leave step one for a later date or for your accountant to find and tell you about.

***Side Note: I’ve found great solace recently through working with a Money Coach to get my finances in order and to get my mind wrapped around them. I can’t recommend Kristy Runzer of On Route Financial enough!

Second, know how many hours you worked.

Log in to your time tracking software and take a bird’s eye view look at how you spent your time this past year. I personally use Toggl to track my time. It’s gotten great reviews from freelancers like this one. I’ve heard great things about Freckle as well.

As you’re viewing your 2017 report of how you spent your time, jot down a few notes of things that stand out to you. You’ll know it when you see it, trust me.

And then switch to a monthly report, starting with January and work your way through all months of the year. Continue jotting down notes as you go.

I encourage you to do this practice annually, quarterly, and monthly from here on out if you don’t already. As business owners, we have the unique opportunity to spend our time the way we please. You might not feel like you have that kind of freedom right now, but that’s only because you’ve said YES to too many things you don’t enjoy or don’t find value in. (I said that with love, just to be clear, but it’s true, isn’t it?)

If you didn’t track your time this past year, I encourage you to first, put “Begin tracking time” on your to-do list ASAP. *wink wink* And then, look back on the months of the 2017 calendar to see if you can identify where your time and energy was directed. Jot down notes as you go.

Finally, begin dreaming about your ideal situation for 2018.

Understanding how you made your money, spent your money, and spent your time this past year can help you set intentions for this next year ahead.

The picture you’ve painted for 2017, in all its unique glory, is almost complete. But the picture of 2018 is still a completely blank canvas. Now is the time to begin sketching lightly the lines you wish to fill in.

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