How to Take Your Marketing Strategy from Good to GREAT

For every meaningful project, there are three phases:

  1. Idea Creation
  2. Implementation
  3. Admiration

First, you have an idea, a vision, of what could be and plan the way to bring it to fruition.

Then, you implement the plan, bringing your vision to life.

And finally, you step back and admire your work, soaking it all in.

The expert baker imagines her decadent cupcake, with its frills and edible gems. She sketches it, lists the materials she needs, bullets the process to make sure she doesn’t skip a step. She then implements her plan, creating the cake she’s imagined. And finally, after the final decoration is placed, she steps back and admires her work.

While marketing may not be as comely (or delicious) as cupcake making, it must follow the same three phases to be successful.

Over the past six weeks, I’ve written circles around the topic of creating a marketing strategy.

So far, we’ve been intentional and meticulous about the Idea Creation phase, haven’t we?

We’ve sketched and planned and scribbled and planned some more.

But we haven’t actually implemented anything yet.

See, here’s the thing – this is where most business owners get stuck.

Yes, defining one ideal client is tough. Some of us can get stuck there initially, but push through once we realize how much a clear ideal client can improve our bottom line.

The stickier mess comes in when it’s time to implement. To build this thing we’ve been dreaming up.

That’s where we’re all at right now, if you’ve followed along so far. You’ve got your marketing strategy outlined. You know where you’ll put your focus to attract and earn the business from your #BestClientEver.

But now you’ve got to do it.

Everyone’s strategy will be different. It would take a lifetime to write about all the different ways to optimize every single strategy.

But as you embark on the Implementation Phase of this journey I’ve taken you on, know there is ONE essential element to implementing your marketing strategy.

How to Take Your Marketing Strategy from Good to GREAT by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Don’t implement your marketing strategy without prioritizing this:


The truth is, up until this point, your #BestClientEver still doesn’t care about you at all. I know you’ve been fixated on them, but they haven’t given you a single thought.

(Sorry to break your heart, but it’s true.)

Remember this as you go in and through the Implementation Phase.

You are nothing to your #BestClientEver… UNTIL you become a part of their consistent routine with a consistent message.

They have to know about and see and hear from you routinely to even begin considering your business as a solution to their problem.

It rarely happens that you show up once and land a stellar client. It may happen, but it’s an exception to the rule.

It’s a lot like dating.

When you’re courting your ideal future spouse, you have to be consistent. You show up on time, when you say you’re going to, so your date doesn’t have to wonder if you’ve bailed on them. You present yourself authentically and consistently so your date doesn’t have to wonder who the true you really is. 

Jim Collins, in his book “Good to Great,” reverberates the idea that with just disciplined people and disciplined thought, companies are good.

He’s quoted to say,

“Creativity dies in an undisciplined environment.”

But with disciplined ACTION, magic happens – companies are GREAT.

So, no matter how you’ve planned to show up for your ideal client, show up without fail.

If you’ve planned to attract your #BestClientEver via social media, show up there consistently – be it weekly or daily or whatever schedule you’ve planned for.

If you’ve planned to email your list once a month, email them once a month.

When you do show up, show up with a consistent message.

Again, I’ve written circles around this #BestClientEver focus and even had my Copywriter-Expert friend, Natalie, write about it too.

Because it works!

If your #BestClientEver is a beginner photographer, don’t create your messaging for an advanced one.

If your #BestClientEver is a wedding planner searching for a new venue to offer her brides, don’t also try to target the bride.

Stay true to your strategy by consistently showing up.

Over time, your consistency itself will breed trust in your brand from those you’re consistently targeting and sales will become easier and easier.

Does it happen overnight? Absolutely not.

The Implementation Phase can be a long one. But through consistency, you can reach the Admiration Phase.

And boy, won’t it be nice to step back and admire your business, serving those clients you love to serve.

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