Totally Overwhelmed by the Decisions You Have to Make? Read This

You’re a Creative. So I’d lay money on the fact that you find yourself going down the endless rabbit hole of business growth ideas quite frequently.

You know, that frantic mind spiral where you’re getting ready for the day and your mind is just on fire with things you could do to move the business needle forward.

You start by thinking about that one podcast episode you heard last week where the guest was talking about how her Pinterest strategy helped her one blog post to go viral and now she’s running a 6-figure business. It all happened, seemingly overnight, of course.

So, Pinterest. Yes. That’s a good idea.

And viral blog post. That’d be ideal.

So you need a really good blog post. Eek. Your blogging is okay. Not sure if it warrants virality at this point, though. Hmm. Might need to up your blogging game.

And if I’m upping my blogging game, I’ve got to come up with a better content strategy.

Well, and all of your blogs relate to what you post on social media. Facebook engagement has always been so-so. Instagram engagement has slowed down recently too. Ugh. You’ve got to figure Instagram out too. Engagement numbers can’t continue to drop.

Okay. So better blogging game. Better content strategy. Figure out Instagram. Figure out Pinterest. No idea where to start there. Maybe you should buy that Pinterest course you’ve heard about. Ya know, from Summer what’s-her-name? Yeah. That course could do the trick.

Ah who are you kidding? Even if your Pinterest game is strong, your blog content has to be strong too. Crap. Now we’re back to the blog content.

And honestly, will this even get you clients? You don’t know. How could you? Getting clients has been sporadic at best over the past quarter. You can sort of see how these clients find you but who knows what actually gets them to hire you?

And plus, you’ve got even bigger dreams for this business. You want courses of your own. And to write that book. And to collaborate with that one big influencer. And to speak on that stage.

So, really, honestly, is Pinterest what needs to be done right now?

You have no idea.

Okay. Be honest. Did you feel anxiety welling up within you as you read that? Thinking, “Shoot. How does Brit know my thoughts?”

Yeah, kind of figured.

I know your thoughts because they’ve been my thoughts too.

Totally Overwhelmed by the Decisions You Have to Make? Read This - from JAM marketing Group, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

And while I’ve done some intentional practice around slowing down those rabbit hole spirals of thoughts and emotion and despair, they creep back in every one in awhile for me too.

I’ve gotten pretty good at slowing down the business-related rabbit holes. Those don’t bother me quite as much as they did before.

See, after reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss this past year, I learned this concept of decision fatigue – that fogginess that happens in your thinking the more and more you force yourself to make decisions.

Ferriss makes the point that we should outsource any decisions we don’t personally need to make so we can be clear-minded enough to make the big, business-altering ones. Makes sense. Point taken.

So over the past six months or so, I’ve been getting more and more strict on what decisions I allow myself to make and which ones I pass off to others. I’ve made the conscious choice to make decisions about things like how much to charge for my services, what offerings to launch this year and next, who I take on as clients and who I don’t, etc. Likewise, I’ve made the conscious choice to NOT make decisions like what image I should use for each blog post I publish and what time of day my social media posts should be scheduled, etc.

But then, just the other day, I found myself down a whole new rabbit hole spiral. The wedding planning vortex. The one that starts with, “Hmm what date should our wedding be on?” and somehow takes you on a roller coaster of what venue it’ll be held at and what hotel the guests can stay at and the caterer and the food and the lighting and the tents and the furniture rentals and the bar menu and the seating and the invitations and the guest list and the bridal party and the registry and the timeline for all the 5,000 other things that have to happen for a wedding to actually occur.


And once I finally got far enough down into this endless rabbit hole of thought, it dawned on me.

I realized… this is not my zone of genius. This is overwhelming me because this is not my expertise. I’ve never done this before and hence, it’s going to take a lot of my energy to figure it out and execute it the way I envision.

So, in quite black and white fashion, I realized my options were:

  1. Toss a whole lot of energy into the next 10 months of wedding planning and hope that it all turns out okay

  2. OR hire a professional to guide you through the process and know that it will all turn out just as you envision it.

Guess which one I chose.

It was absolutely the easiest decision, with exception of the saying “YES” part, I’ve made since getting engaged.

To hire a wedding planner and essentially outsource alllll of the unfamiliar work of planning a wedding feels like a no-brainer. Absolute no-brainer.

And this. This is how we, as service-based business owners, can appeal to clients. We can be their expert. They can outsource decision-making to us. So if you’re not using that as a selling point, I highly suggest considering it. Now that this has all dawned on me, I certainly see where I can weave it into my copy and conversation with prospective clients.

And to take it one step further, ask yourself what decisions YOU may need to outsource in order to have space in your brain to make the clear-headed decisions only YOU can make.

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