What Rules Do You Need to Break to be a Better Business Owner?

There is an endless number of rules around what we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when we run a business. Am I right?

These rules are either said a million times by others or they’re rules we tell ourselves. Things we picked up along the way in our past lives, probably at that corporate job we hated or from how our parents did things back in the 90’s.

What Rules Do You Need to Break to be a Better Business Owner?, blog post from JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative entrepreneurs

But what if those rules just don’t work for us?

What if some of those rules don’t even apply to our world anymore?

These questions came up for me recently while on my annual family vacation. All of my business friends knew I was away for the week and naturally, wished me all the relaxation and unplugged time to be had.

Cool. Thanks, guys. I’m genuinely thankful for those wishes.

But then, as I neared the end of my vacation week, I started getting “itchy” for work. I desperately wanted to grab my MacBook and work. Work on anything, really. It didn’t matter. I needed a productivity hit.

I went back and forth for a few hours thinking, “Ahh but I’m on vacation. I SHOULD be relaxing. I SHOULDN’T be working.”

And finally, I realized… wait. Who says?


And I realized that I had been allowing the typical rule of “no work on vacation” to permeate into the here-and-now, regardless of it still applied or not.

Upon review, the no-work-on-vacation rule doesn’t always apply.

Because sometimes work is the best kind of relaxation there is. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need, regardless of if you’re on vacation or not.

Of course, back when I despised by job, the no-work-on-vacation rule was the BEST! But now, today, as I run my company and build my brands, I couldn’t be more in love with what I do every day.

And it’s 100% okay to break the rule.

These business rules that we so often hang on to don’t actually need to be followed.

They don’t always apply.

Some rules I’ve found I need to break to do better work and live the life I want to live.

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Like the only-work-from-your-office rule.

I used to follow this rule until I realized it really didn’t apply. I understand that it might benefit some people to keep their work in their home office and not let it eek out into other parts of their home… but that just doesn’t apply to me.

I can happily break this rule by working from my dining room table, my living room couch (as I am right now as I type this), my back deck, my front porch, and even my master bedroom and do better work because of it.

And what about all the rules around celebrating your wins?

Party! Grab a drink or five! Go out to dinner! And whatever you do, DON’T WORK!!!

All of these are understandable responses to “It’s time to celebrate!” None of them are wrong.

But for me, some of them feel like celebration and some of them don’t. I’ll pour a glass of wine, but definitely not five. I might treat myself to a nice dinner, but it’ll probably be homemade.

And… honestly, sometimes working on my business the BEST form of celebration there is for me.

You might be completely different, though. And that’s the point.

We’re all different, so why do we try to follow the same rules as others?

They simply don’t apply anymore. They don’t have to.

So, I’m curious, what rule in life or business do you need to re-write for yourself?

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