Where to Start When You Have #ALLTHEIDEAS

You’re a creative. So, unlike the majority of the population, you can drum up a vision for the future in your mind and bring it to reality.

You might do this through your craft – painting, designing websites, writing copy…

You might do this through the way you live your life – teaching yourself a new skill, building a business that will sustain you and your family…

I’d bet you do a bit of both if you’re reading this.

And with the ability to visualize, comes the ability to problem-solve.

Where to Start When You Have #ALLTHEIDEAS, JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

As we get better and better as solving the problems around us, we also get better at spotting problems around us.

And since we have this brilliant cocktail of abilities, we find a problem, we drum up an idea to solve it. We find another problem, we have another idea. We find another problem, we have another idea.

And this cycle goes on and on and on and on and on…

Sound familiar?

Of course it does – you’re the one with #ALLTHEIDEAS.

I love people like you. (Obviously, or else why would I run a business coaching CREATIVE entrepreneurs?)

The only downside to this cycle, though, is that it’s difficult to know where to start, right?

We have #alltheideas, all day, every day, sometimes at an incessant, maddening rate within our minds. And it’s seemingly impossible to know where to begin.

What idea should be acted upon? And where do we start once we’ve focused our chatty, distracted brains on that one idea?

First, let’s get something straight.

I believe it’s the Idea Owner’s responsibility to choose which idea they’ll move forward with. As Liz Gilbert proclaims in her book, Big Magic, ideas find you – not the other way around. And I have to agree with her. (She’s Liz Gilbert for crying out loud.)

So you can “run the numbers” or “listen to your gut” or do whatever you have to do to choose the one idea you’re going to put into play… just do it. You have to choose one. You have to! It’s your responsibility, as the one who got struck with this idea, to bring it to reality. So choose one in whatever way you see fit.

Side note: I’m a more listen-to-your-gut kinda gal, but you might be a run-the-numbers kinda gal. Totally cool. You do you.

Once you’ve narrowed in on that idea, that vision, I can begin to help.

I always say, “You bring the vision, I’ll supply the road map.”

Deal? Deal.

So now it’s time to begin acting on your idea. BUT WHERE TO START?!

The process I use to answer this question is much like drawing a map – a map from where you are today to where you want to be in the future, where that idea is now a reality.

Grab this worksheet to draw your map on:

My Vision Plan worksheet, Where to Start When You Have #ALLTHEIDEAS, blog post from JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative entrepreneurs

Then follow this process to know where to begin:

#1 Plot today as your starting point.

On the left side of your paper, write today’s date. Then, write bullet points about what life looks like today.

#2 Plot your ultimate vision as your end goal.

On the right side of the paper, write your target end date for completing this idea. It could be 90 days from now, 6 months, a year, 5 years, 20 years. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’ve set the intention related to a time in the future.

Then, write bullet points about what life looks like at that time in the future, relating to the idea you have.

#3 Plot the points of change.

In the middle of the paper, braindump a list of all the things that will need to happen in order to go from your starting point to the end goal. Think big-picture first. What are the main, big things that need to occur? Then begin to think smaller. What are some of the details that need to be put into place.

Now, before you get discouraged with how much work may be involved in the process of going from your starting point to your end goal, remember everything you’re writing does NOT need to be done today. Or tomorrow. And often, it doesn’t all have to be done by you.

It’ll all get done if the appropriate strategy is applied.

#4 Begin organizing your points of change.

Ask yourself, “From where I am today, what point of change could be tackled first?”

Then ask, “What comes after that?” And continue asking that until you’ve reached the last point of change leading to your end goal.

This step can get a little messy. Feel free to do this on a blank sheet of paper. Scribble all over it to find what sequence might make the most sense.

#5 Get a second set of eyes on your vision plan.

It’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Nah, but for real. Grab your business partner, your marketing coach (heyo, that’s me!), your accountability partner, someone who is genuinely invested in seeing you succeed at bringing your visions to life, and check to make sure your vision plan is realistic.

I know, this is the scary part. What if you unveil your vision and it’s shot down? What it’s not feasible? What if it’s a “dumb idea?”

My personal opinion to that: If that’s the worst that can happen, unveil it anyway. Because at least you know there are a few flaws in your plan that still need to be worked out. And that’s a GOOD thing to know right now, as opposed to a few months down the line after you’ve poured your heart and soul into this project, only to find that things aren’t going to work out the way you originally envisioned them to.

#6 Complete the very first point of change.

It’s time to get to it! Do the work. Put something into play. Get your first small win and then your second and then your third.

It’s time to bring something into the world that didn’t exist before.

Let’s do this!

Need a second set of eyes on your vision to make sure you’re on the right track?

I hear you! That’s exactly why clients partner with me to be their Marketing Coach – they need the assurance that they’re on the right track and the accountability to know someone’s going to hold them to their vision plan.

Click here to schedule your initial JAM Session with me, where we can review your vision plan and make sure you’re on the right track.

When you click, you’ll be taken straight to my personal calendar, where you can schedule yourself right into an open slot. Easy peasy. Talk soon!

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