You Don’t Need to Apologize For Showing Up

I’ve been noticing a crappy pattern on Instagram.

Have you noticed this too?

You start flipping through Instagram stories and they’re full of apologies.

“Please excuse the lack of makeup and my crazy hair!”
“Sorry about the noise in the background…”
“Oops, got cut off there, sorry!”

And it seems totally harmless in the moment.

But then you, yourself start apologizing for things too.

“Eek don’t mind my ‘morning man voice.'”
“Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – so busy!”

And we all do it.


I got cut off in one of my Stories and the next one I said, “Ah! Got cut off there. Sorry about that.”

Needless to say, I promptly deleted that take.

You Don't Need To Apologize For Showing Up, by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group

Because I’m just so over it. 

I’m over the apologies that literally NO ONE EVEN NOTICES until we point them out.

It’s human nature, I know. It’s natural to goof up, not show up quite like you intended to, realize your hair is a hot mess, etc, and automatically feel the need to apologize.

AND. I encourage you to stop it.

I encourage MYSELF to stop it.

Because no one needs an apology.

They need YOU. The real you.

The goof-ups and the cut-offs and the crazy-ass hair.

And most importantly – the YOU that doesn’t need to apologize.

The YOU that shows up, just as she is, doing business.

So, ya with me? Are you willing to cut the apologies and get on with the good stuff? The real stuff? The real YOU?

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