Your Market is Not Saturated. Here’s Why

I hear the term “saturated market” all the time relating to online business.

“It’s hard to make a name for myself when my market is so saturated.”

“There are just so many coaches out there. The market is saturated and it’s hard to get clients.”


Anddd I call bullshit.


Unless you’re running a telecommunications company like Verizon or Time Warner… your market is not saturated.

It’s not even crowded.

It’s a big blue ocean of opportunity if you choose to look at it that way.

And if you think I’m not actually speaking about you and your industry right now, please know that I absolutely am.

I’m speaking to anyone and everyone running an online business right now.


If you can sell things online, your market is not saturated.

If you think it is, you’re operating out of a scarcity mindset, thinking there isn’t enough to go around.

Scarcity mindset happens to all of us. We all have moments of doubt and thoughts like, “When is it going to be my turn?” and “I need money and I need time and I need more freaking coffee because this is all so difficult and stressful and maybe even impossible to do.

And you have to pull yourself out of that mindset to make any meaningful growth happen within your businesses.

Because if you can break out of scarcity mindset, you’ll see that calling your market “saturated” is usually one of two things:

  1. A lie you tell yourself so you have a pseudo-reason why your business isn’t taking off
  2. A lie some coach told you once in order to get you to buy his/her program that shows you how to “stand out amongst the crowd”


Your Market is Not Saturated. Here's Why - by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, marketing strategy, marketing that feels good

So let me drop some truth on you.

Your market is not saturated.

You are a complete anomaly in this world.

The majority of people in our society are still schlepping to their 9-5’s every day without a single thought of creating even a little side gig, let alone something that will support them full-time.

And of the people who have gone against conventional advice and paved their own career path with an online business, most of them don’t do what you do.

And of the people who do do what you do, not a single one of them does it like you do it.

And even if they could, there would STILL be enough to go around.

Enough clients, enough money, enough time, enough space to be all that you’ve ever dreamed of being.


If you’re fist-pumping the air right now thinking, “Damn! Brit’s right!” … hey, thanks.

And if you’re still thinking, “Ehh, that sounds nice, but my market is still pretty crowded and it’s hard to get clients,” here’s what I suggest you do:

Go somewhere and do something completely out of your zone of genius.

You’re a web designer? Cool. Go take a cooking class.

You’re a life coach? Cool. Go take a rock-climbing lesson.

You’re a social media manager? Cool. Find the nearest bike trail and go for a ride.

Bonus points if you do something out of your zone of genius WITHOUT your phone anywhere in sight.


As soon you step out of your current bubble, you’ll realize not everyone is hustling to build a business like yours.

Not everyone is addicted to their Instagram feed.

Not everyone is worrying about how they looked on their last Facebook Live.

Not everyone is thinking about what they’ll share on InstaStories today.

Not everyone is concerned about making their next sale.


And the best part, – you’ll realize how many people are in this world, looking for someone just like you.

Your market is not saturated, babe.

It’s a big blue ocean of opportunity.


Now, go do what you were always meant to do – build and grow this business by serving the people who need you.


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