What to Do When You’re Still Attracting Less-Than-Ideal Clients

You’ve defined your ideal client.
You know what she mentally craves from you and your business.
You’ve created your personal introduction and used it when necessary.
You’ve even said NO to a few less-than-ideal clients…

And people STILL aren’t getting it.

You are STILL getting inquiries from people you don’t want to work with.

But even worse? You’re not getting enough inquiries from those you DO want to work with to sustain.

This can be a maddening place to be in for any entrepreneur. But know that it’s a common one, especially when getting clearer on who your ideal client is.

What to Do When You’re Still Attracting Less-Than-Ideal Clients, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be guiding you through the process of developing a marketing strategy specifically to attract that ideal client of yours, all based on what they’re mentally craving from you. See, we haven’t even gotten to the real powerful action steps yet!

If you stick with me over the next few weeks and do the work I guide you through, you’ll have a smart marketing strategy by the end of November 2017. Cha-Ching!

But if you’re antsy to attract the right people right NOW, I suggest staying true to these five activities until you’ve developed a full-fledged marketing strategy:

#1 Practice and use your personal introduction consistently.

Every single time you have the opportunity to introduce yourself, that intro better be used. Bonus points for practicing it out loud – you never know when you’ll find yourself in front of a real life ideal client. Be ready for that.

#2 Continue saying NO.

I don’t care how desperate you feel. Stand up for yourself and your business by not giving a less-than-ideal client a seat at your table. When you say NO, you leave room open for your ideal client to jaunt right in and get comfy. Say YES to your less-than-ideal client and that ideal client has nowhere to sit.

#3 Tell your current network about who you’re trying to attract UP FRONT.

To your current clients, acquaintances, followers, and friends, make sure they know you’re interested in working with a new type of client now so they’re better equipped to refer the right people to you.

#4 Don’t waiver.

Hold your ground. You’re not building this business for anyone but yourself, your family, and your ideal clients. Everyone else can be placed in the “peanut gallery” section and therefore, no longer have a right to dictate what happens within your business.

#5 Stay patient.

Just like it took time to build up your original clientele, it’ll take time to build up a roster of truly ideal clients. Just because your new shift in focus doesn’t make your business take off like wildfire doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake. It simply means you have work to do. And that work begins will these five actions and continues through our next month of content about creating a smart, effective marketing strategy.

Next week, we’ll begin uncovering the steps to creating that pivotal marketing strategy.

That’s where the rubber meets the road. Where all of this preparation starts taking an actual form. Where you begin seeing why we spent so much time defining our offerings, goals, and ideal client. All of that work is the foundation on which we’ll build this strategy.

In case you missed a foundational step over the past few weeks, here are the actionable blog posts that’ll guide you through getting ready for next month’s marketing strategy deep-dive.

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