You’re a Creative, right?

And you love serving your clients hard. You do it day in and day out. And you do it well.

But now, you’re ready for the next level.

You’ve built your brand and business to where it is today – sustainable in and of itself and adequately sustaining you and your lifestyle.

But it’s time for an up-level.

You’re either ready to work with BETTER clients – ya know, those ever-elusive unicorns that you’d just DIE to work with.

Or you’re ready to launch a digital product – one that will meaningfully help many, while supplying income to you, not just right now, but for months and years to come.

In either case, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what we do here.

How It Works

Step 1 – JAM with Brit

The very first thing to do is schedule your JAM Session with Brit, JAM’s Founder. You’ll hop on the phone with her to tell her all about your business, what you do, who you serve, and your vision for growth – whether it involves getting better clients or launching your new digital product.

Schedule Your JAM Session Here

Step 2 – Strategize

With Brit as your Coach, you’ll devise the smartest marketing strategy to reach your growth goals. Brit’s there every step of the way to be your advisor, sounding board, accountability partner, and confidante.

Step 3 – Do the Work

Based on your marketing strategy, you’ll put your head down and do the work necessary to grow your business. Brit will show you how to do this intentionally, efficiently, and effectively so you not only get the work done now, but you’ve set up systems and processes so things run smoothly in the long-term too.

Step 4 – Grow

You’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor, as you consistently execute on the marketing strategy you’ve devised. You’ll reach your growth milestones, while staying true to your core passions and willingness to serve your clients and customers hard.