Brit Kolo Marketing Coach to Conscious Creative Big-Dreaming EntrepreneursYour Marketing Coach, Accountability Partner,
Abundance Junkie, & Seeerious Lover of All Plants.

The one that comes alongside you to co-create a smart, feel-good marketing strategy for your business.

The one that helps you stick to the plan.

The one that tells you exactly what you need to hear.

The one that sees through all the crap – the excuses, the bad days, the inner critic telling you you’re not good enough – to bring it back to you and this brilliant business you’ve built.

The one that guides you to growth based on your values and those big, big dreams of yours.

The one who believes in Close Relationship, Collaboration, Independence, Integrity, Meaningful Work, Reeeally Good Coffee… and YOU.

Grow Your Business

With a Marketing That Feels Good

90min Deep Dive Session

Imagine a trusted girlfriend sitting next to you, coffee cup in hand, leaning in to tell you precisely how to market your business—not based on her, but totally based on you.

That’s exactly what I’ll do for you.

With the Deep Dive, I’ll help you figure out:

  • What you truly and deeply value
  • How you naturally show up in the world, and what makes you, you
  • The 3 best ways for you to show up online in an authentic, genuine way—not because you should, but because you’re inherently, naturally made for showing up this way based on your values
  • How to connect the dots between your true self and your marketing strategy so it will feel oh-so-good
  • The top 2-3 marketing tactics you’re effortlessly going to rock and specific steps on what to do next


Half-Day Intensive

You aspire to grow your business in a way that feels true and natural to you and crave for someone to help you map out your marketing action plan with you.

The Half-Day Intensive is designed to connect the three most crucial parts of your business – your offers, your ideal client, and YOU – in order to devise the best marketing strategy possible.

We’ll then map out a detailed action plan so you can implement your strategy right away.



One-On-One Coaching

You aspire to grow your business in a way that feels true and natural to you. You crave for someone to help you map out your marketing action plan with you. And you want the long-term expert guidance from Brit as you implement your strategy.

My One-On-One Coaching supports you through the process of devising a smart, feel-good strategy and in implementing it, step-by-step, with my guidance.

Working with Brit is a big relief… Having [her] is like acquiring a team member who cares about all the things I don’t care about, and will help me utilize my own abilities in a way that works for *me.* Plus, she’s got plenty of experience and ideas that would never occur to me, which is AWESOME. Perhaps one of the best parts of working with Brit is that she is SO trustworthy and reliable. She can easily juggle a bunch of balls at once; which means that I don’t have to worry about when and how to focus on things–she’ll prioritize everything in the right order.

– Rachel East of