25 Ways to Feel Less Lonely as a Female Entrepreneur

Ok, I’ll just say it.

Being a female entrepreneur can be incredibly isolating.

You’re hustling and making things happen and making money and serving people and maybe have a team around or maybe rocking the solopreneur life with your best bud, your cat by your side.

And really, life isn’t bad. Life is good. Life is great. You no longer have a glass ceiling over top of you. You’re making the rules, setting the guidelines, ripping away boundaries, and DOING THE THING.

It’s all exhilarating.

And it’s all incredibly isolating.

You’re lonely.

Because it’s challenging to find someone else in the world that gets it.

If you’re new to me and JAM Marketing Group, you might not know this, but I felt intense isolation earlier this year. It was my first winter season as an entrepreneur, stuck inside my house all day, every day, usually only talking to someone in person once every few days.

I broke out of that isolation and loneliness FINALLY in June of this year and feel confident I won’t fall back into it, but it took some serious time and reflection to know how best to get out and stay out of that lonely place.

And then on Monday, I came across three female entrepreneurs seriously struggling with the curse of entrepreneur isolation and loneliness. It broke my heart and I knew I had to lend a hand. I spoke to each of them individually, but then I also wrote a simple blog post, listing 25 ways to feel less lonely as a female entrepreneur.

And I want you (need you) to know about it in case you’re feeling lonely right now too. And if you’re not, know that one of your lady boss friends probably is.

This is just the start of this conversation, but I hope it helps you and someone you know today.

  1. Write a letter to a friend.
  2. Attend a local in-person meet-up.
  3. Attend a local or out-of-town conference.
  4. Host an in-person or online club around a personal interest (i.e. a book club).
  5. Join a club (i.e. book club).
  6. Host a local event.
  7. Invite a neighbor over for dinner.
  8. Schedule a friendly coffee date with a fellow entrepreneur.
  9. Send an email simply praising a fellow entrepreneur for her work.
  10. Volunteer your time.
  11. Make dinner for someone you care about.
  12. Call your best friend.
  13. Snuggle with your pet.
  14. Write a letter to your favorite author (and yes, actually send it).
  15. Sign up for a new class at your gym.
  16. Enroll in a training class near you (i.e. cooking, golf, tennis, etc).
  17. Chat up the barista at your favorite coffee shop.
  18. Journal.
  19. Join a mastermind or mentorship program.
  20. Offer to babysit.
  21. Stroll through your downtown area and smile at everyone you pass.
  22. Ask an artist about their work.
  23. Host a game night.
  24. Repair a broken relationship.
  25. Show love to the next person you see.

Now, I ask you to pay this forward. Share with a female entrepreneur that may need to skim through this list right now. I can bet you know at least one feeling the stress of isolation and disconnection in this very moment.

25 ways to feel less lonely as a female entrepreneur from jam marketing group, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

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