27 Learning Resources I Tapped Into in my Second Year of Business

Here are the learning resources I’ve tapped into in my second year of business.

Overall, I’ve felt myself shift from being completely consumed by business-building education to a more holistic education, involving a larger worldview.

See exactly what I mean by comparing this list with the list of learning resources I used in my FIRST year of business, published August 17, 2017.

27 Learning Resources I Tapped Into in my Second Year of Business, blog post from Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing GroupPODCASTS

Clarity on Fire with Rachel East and Kristen Walker

Courage and Clarity with Steph Crowder

The Ed Mylett Show with Ed Mylett

The Entrepreneur Mastermind Show with Sara Christensen

Hidden Brain by NPR

How I Built This by NPR

Invisibilia by NPR

StartUp by Gimlet Media

The Mastin Kipp Podcast with Mastin Kipp

What Works with Tara McMullin


Overall, I’ve gone from listen to tactical, business podcasts to more story-driven podcasts about how the world works.



You Are a Badass at Making Money* by Jen Sincero – Money problems? Read it. And then read it again.

Woman Code* by Alissa Vitti – Female? Read it. It should be required reading for all ladies, if you ask me. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People* by Dale Carnegie – Foundational. Make sure you have a notebook handy – you’ll need it. 

The Go-Giver* by Bob Burg and John David Mann – A completely different business book that might just blow your mind, like it did mine. 

The Go-Giver Leader* by Bob Burg and John David Mann – Feel like you’re flailing in business? Read it. 

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller – Block off an entire day, dig into this book, do the exercises, and your business might change drastically for the better, like mine did. 

Ask* by Ryan Levesque – Interesting. On the surface, it seems like it’s meant for big, big companies, but can also be applied to smaller, service-based businesses. 

The Art of Asking* by Amanda Palmer and Brene Brown – Scared of asking for what you want? Read it. 

The Prosperous Coach* by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin – You’re a Coach? This is required reading. 


My favorite(s)? The Go-Giver and the Go-Giver Leader. Can’t wait for more books to be released in the series.



I didn’t take any. They’re just not how I learn best and nothing I came across felt like the right fit this past year.



Kickass Masterminds – the best investment I’ve made for my business AND myself as a human being ever. Literally, ever.



Money Coaching with Kristy Runzer – I spent about six weeks with Kristy, working through my money blocks and creating a better money mindset. She really got me on the path to understanding what’s coming in and what’s going out each month and it was empowering to know those things.

Holistic Counseling with Jenny Bork – I began meeting with Jenny back in May 2018 and continue to see her (virtually) every few weeks. We don’t discuss business, per se, but we talk about what’s really going on in my life – my emotional, mental, and physical spaces. I’m so grateful Jenny came across my path when she did. The timing couldn’t have been better and without getting too personal… I really, really need her as my counselor.



Kickass Masterminds – My mastermind group is six women strong and that’s been the one tight-knit community I’ve relied on and tapped into this past year.

I felt myself shift from being in larger communities to smaller groups this year and that felt like the right move for me.



FearlessCon in Philadelphia, PA in October 2017

The Rising Tide Society Leader Retreat in New Orleans, LA in January 2018

The She Did It Her Way Summit in Chicago, IL in April 2018

My Kickass Mastermind Retreat in Austin, TX in August 2018


What helped me learn the most?

Being open to others’ perspectives. Over the past year, I’ve learned to take others’ world views, appreciate them, and make my own decisions about how their views may or may not affect my business. This open-mindedness, as opposed to a more linear, close-mindedness from years prior, has shifted my business and my future in ways I’ll never quite be able to explain. One thing is for sure – the shift has been massive.

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