A Deep Dive with Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group

Welcome to the first installment of the Deep Dive Diaries – a series of articles displaying the true power that happens within a Deep Dive Session.

As you might’ve guessed, within these sessions, we go deep. We dive into the core of who you are and work our way back up to the surface to align your marketing strategy with your core.

And as I’ve been completing more and more of these sessions, I myself continue to be encouraged and empowered by the ah-hah moments that happen within them. Time after time, my Deep Dive clients walk away feeling validated in who they are and more prepared to show up for their business in an authentic way, which in turn, magnetizes them. Their potential clients are naturally attracted to that energy.

So why would I keep these stories from you?? I wouldn’t. I can’t. They’re just too good.


Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group and Systems Saved Me Podcast

To kick things off, I’d love for you to meet Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group.

Jordan is an Operations Consultant – a true master of all things systems, workflows, and high efficiency. She’s been building her premium-level consultancy over the past few years and has now developed a self-guided program called “Triple Threat” to guide its entrepreneurial student through automating and organizing their three biggest time sucks – their calendar, their social media marketing, and their email inbox.

Side note: Can I get an AMEN for anything that’ll automate and organize those three things?! *Amen!*

Jordan and I first met in a one-day mastermind experience, hosted by Kickass Masterminds, during which she admitted she generally hates all things “marketing” and was craving a fresh approach to the entire thing.

I sincerely credit Jordan for pushing me onto the path that eventually led to discovering and fully developing the Deep Dive Session. It was her adamant dislike for marketing that opened my eyes to see what so many people were perceiving “marketing” to be – inauthentic, salesy, contrived, NOT feel-good – and which encouraged me to flip the script entirely.

After the one-day mastermind, Jordan and I kept in touch through Instagram and direct messages back and forth. We had left a lasting impression on each other that day; I realized I needed to flip the script on marketing and Jordan saw the potential in me to do just that.

A few weeks later, once I had fully fleshed out the Deep Dive Session idea, I invited Jordan to experience one. I figured, if there was any chance this session wasn’t going to work for someone, it’d be with Jordan – the one who hated marketing.

This was the ultimate test.


The Session

Prior to every Deep Dive, I send a questionnaire for the client to complete. This questionnaire asks open-ended questions about how the client naturally shows up in their life, based on five key pillars:

  1. Personality type (according to the 16Personalities framework)
  2. How they spend their time
  3. Who influences them regularly
  4. Moments in time they remember fondly
  5. What motivates them

As soon as we connected for our Deep Dive Session, Jordan and I dove right into her answers to the questionnaire. We reviewed her answers openly and I asked a few more clarifying questions to both get to know the real Jordan better and for Jordan to get connected to her true self.

Through that conversation, we both began seeing strong patterns in Jordan’s life.

Overall, Jordan’s answers were thorough, thoughtful, and mind-blowingly consistent. This girl is the epitome of intentional. Being an operations consultant, she has a keen eye and desire to put things in order and make sense of complicated puzzles. Going deeper, we also found Jordan to have a genuine concern for others and a core desire to be in close relationship with those around her.

Pairing these things together, we realized that by putting things in order, she regained time in her schedule, and therefore, was able to enjoy her relationships and life more. And this truly lit Jordan UP. This theme was STRONG in her everyday life.

As we moved farther into the Deep Dive, I had Jordan pinpoint five core words that best described what she naturally upheld in her life. Not surprisingly, she found these five words to be at the core of who she is:

  1. Excellence
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Efficiency
  4. Time Freedom
  5. Close Relationship

Now that we both knew Jordan better at this point, I began formulating a marketing strategy that would best utilize these natural, core parts of her.

First, I could decipher that Jordan is uniquely prepared to incorporate an Affiliate or Ambassador Program into her strategy, based on her personality type. She’s also exceptionally poised to captivate her audience through spoken word, so leveraging speaking opportunities on-stage and behind a microphone aligns with what feels good to her.

These first two realizations made us both chuckle a bit because Jordan’s main strategy to launch Triple Threat, up until this point, has been to partner with affiliates and host Joint Venture Webinars, while also loosely promoting the program on her podcast, Systems Saved Me. So she had already cued into what would naturally feel good for her. Now, though, she felt validated in those strategies being the right ones for her.

Next, I showed Jordan the true potential of her Triple Threat program. See, the program helps you automate and organize, which gives you back time. By regaining time, you’re finally able to create close relationship with those you care about most – something that is so often lost when building a business, like Jordan’s clients are.


The Ah-Hah Moment

As I connected those dots for her, Jordan realized that up until this point, she was primarily focusing on showing people how much time would be saved, while not showing them how that regained time could translate into more time spent with those they loved most.

And that’s where the real value in this program lies – in the close relationship it allows you to foster.

And for Jordan, knowing all we now know about her, it’s going to feel really good to show her potential customers how her program translates to closer, deeper relationships – something she appreciates and desires at her core!

I told you this stuff was good!


The Action Plan

After the “high” of this realization, I could see and feel Jordan had a newfound sense of purpose.

To take this positive energy and channel it into the best next steps, I outlined this plan for her:

  1. Continue utilizing Joint Venture webinars as a way to market Triple Threat because it’s an Affiliate Program model. As you do these for different audiences, cue into what relationship this audience is most apt to care about. Then show them how your program will give them more freedom to pursue, foster, and deepen that relationship.
    For instance, if you’re speaking with a primarily female audience, in their 30’s and 40’s, who have been business owners for five years or longer, you can show how Triple Threat will give them the freedom to spend more time with their spouse and kids, estimating this will resonate with a majority of them.
  2. Continue utilizing your podcast as a way to speak about Triple Threat because it showcases your naturally captivating voice and presence. Then consider publishing interviews with your Triple Threat BETA testers with a keen focus on drawing out the stories of how the program gave them the freedom to spend time with those they love most.
  3. To form a closer relationship with those already in your loyal audience, show them the real Jordan. Ideally, you would give your email list subscribers a unique and genuine look into who you are and the relationships you most treasure. This will help them realize how your offerings can foster relationships within their own lives.


Final Thoughts

Now Jordan has the validation and permission she needs to implement these subtle, yet meaningful shifts in her messaging and how she presents Triple Threat to her audience in an effort to maximize its success, while still feeling good in the process.

And as a special treat, listen to Jordan HERSELF describe her Deep Dive Experience!

I encourage you to plug into Jordan and her upcoming Triple Threat program. (I mean, who DOESN’T need more time to spend with people we love?! My goodness.)

Find Jordan at The Kolada Group website, the Systems Saved Me podcast, and on Instagram @thekoladagroup.

And finally, let’s Deep Dive! I want you to experience ah-hah moments and breakthroughs like Jordan has.

Click here to schedule your Deep Dive Session now.

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