How to Begin Attracting Your Ideal Client

To begin attracting your ideal client, well… you’ve first got to know what she’s mentally craving from you.

I feel like a broken record because of how many times I say that in a week, but it’s true! You can know so many things about our ideal client – her age, how much money she makes, where she lives, what she does for fun – but if you don’t know what she’s mentally craving from you and your business, even if you were to meet her, you wouldn’t be able to capture her interest enough to move her into action. And that’s what you need her to do, right? To take a specific action that leads her to becoming your paying client. Yes. That’s how all good marketing strategies, sales funnels, and businesses that bring in revenue work.

If you don’t know what your ideal client mentally craves from you, click here to run through my unique exercise that guides you through figuring that crucial piece out.

Once you know what your ideal client mentally craves from you, it’s time to begin using that knowledge to your advantage. Eventually, your entire marketing strategy will be built off this key information. Your website copy, visual branding elements, and even core values will be grounded in your ideal client’s mental cravings! (See, I told you this stuff was a big deal.)

How to Begin Attracting Your Ideal Client, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

But right now, in the very first stages of attracting your ideal client, we’ll begin by crafting your personal introduction.

Your personal introduction is how you verbally and in written word introduce yourself to someone who might be a potential client.

This scenario can play out in a myriad of ways;

  • You join a new Facebook Group and have to introduce yourself.
  • You attend a networking event (gulp) and have to mingle (double gulp).
  • You pitch a guest blog post and have to include a short bio.
  • You begin writing your website’s About page and aren’t sure where to start.
  • You run into someone at the store and they ask what you’re up to now.
  • Someone introduces you and isn’t quite sure of how to describe what you do.

I could go on. There are an infinite number of scenarios where a stellar personal introduction comes in handy.

I don’t know about you, but I love having this personal introduction on-tap especially for when I’m introducing myself in Facebook groups. That was always a difficult paragraph to write until I developed this personal introduction formula.

Yes, it’s a formula! Something you can easily plug your own personal details into and tweak to make it just right for you.

So let’s get on with it.

Use this personal introduction framework to begin attracting your ideal clients:

I’m ____{NAME}_____,
for _____{TARGET MARKET}_____.
I work with these _____{TYPE OF PEOPLE}____
– one that _________{WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO}________.
My clients are _______{KEY INDICATORS OF IDEAL CLIENTS}______ and I feel ______{THIS WAY}______
just to get to work with them!


You know I wouldn’t let you jump in without a solid example:
I’m Brit, a Marketing Coach for creative female entrepreneurs with service-based businesses. I work with these women to build and execute a smart marketing strategy – one that feels good to them and their potential clients and leads to meaningful growth in their businesses.
My clients are the absolute best – intuitive, intentional, serving their clients hard, and doing such meaningful work in the world. I feel blessed just to know them, let alone work with them!

Now it’s your turn!

Grab a piece of paper and jot down these bits of info:
Type of Professional
General Target Market
Type of People You Work With
Main Result of What You Offer (Hint: Use the work you did defining your offerings for this one)
What You Actually Do (Hint: Again, go back here to figure this out)
Key Indicators of Your Ideal Clients (Hint: Your ideal client framework gave you all you need for this one)
How You Feel When Working With Your Ideal Clients

Then put it all together!

Don’t worry if the first draft is a little uncomfortable. Continue working on it to make it feel right to you.

And one final thing – once you’ve created your personal introduction, send it to me for feedback! I’d love to see what you come up with. Email me at!

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