Behind the Scenes of Our Email Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve covered WHY email matters, HOW TO build your list, and HOW TO earn actual money from that list, it’s time to peel back the curtain and show you a behind the scenes look at our very own email marketing strategy.

Let’s go back to our first how-to column on the subject: How to Build an Email List That Makes You Money

In it, we outlined the three steps to building your list. They were:

  1. Identify what your ideal client needs to know before hiring you

  2. Package that information in a format your ideal client wants

  3. Offer it in exchange for your ideal client’s email address

Behind the Scenes of Our Email Marketing Strategy by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

At JAM, here’s how those 3 steps of building an email list play out:

#1 What our ideal client needs to know

Our ideal client needs to know that MARKETING STRATEGY is the main player in all that we do at JAM. Sure, we manage social media accounts and email campaigns and a million other things. But we refuse to do any and all of the above without first devising the best possible STRATEGY to grow our client’s business. Therefore, our potential ideal client has to know that going in.

#2 Packaging it

Now, it’s not enough to just say, “Hey! We do marketing strategy! Download a PDF about how we do it!” Not a single person cares about how you do what you do. Okay, maybe your mom does. But even she still doesn’t quite understand it, AMIRIGHT?

What’s important to your potential ideal client is that you can alleviate their pain right this second. Tall order, I know. But it can be done.

So our lead magnet (that thing we’re going to package and offer in exchange for ideal client’s email address) has to at least solve some high-priority problem they’re having at the moment while instilling that critical piece of knowledge they need to know before hiring us.

At JAM, we created a 14-page PDF that answers our ideal client’s number one question before they begin working with us: WHERE DO I START?

See, our ideal client does their “thing” really, really well. Whatever they provide, whether it be a service or a product, they provide it brilliantly. But their “thing” isn’t marketing. (Remember, that’s OUR jam.) So when they come to us at JAM, they’ve gotten to the point where they’re trying to market themselves in a bunch of ways or in no way at all because they have no idea where to actually, intentionally begin.

Our lead magnet, entitled “Read Before Marketing,” shows them we know that first step. Then, once they’ve downloaded and read just the first few pages, they realize we have a specific process to developing a marketing strategy and TADAA that’s EXACTLY what they need. No more guessing. They’ve finally found someone to lay it all out in a strategic way that not only makes sense on paper, but truly grows their business and turns a positive ROI. Cha-ching.

#3 Offer it

Finally, we offer that lead magnet on our website in a few key places – as a top bar and as a side bar widget (seen below). These placements seem to work best for us, as we’ve learned over time from experimenting with other placements like a pop-up box and a scrolling box.

Behind the Scenes of Our Email Marketing Strategy, JAM Marketing Group

Other things to note:

In addition to packaging the “Read Before Marketing” information in a PDF download, we also deliver a series of emails to our new subscribers. These emails follow a similar sequence to the one outlined in our most recent blog post, “How to Make Money from Your Email List.”

We deliver these emails not only to build trust with our subscribers, but also to honestly help them with the issue of not knowing where to start. Much of the email sequence is simply a reiteration of what’s found in the PDF download. Because, let’s be honest, how many PDF downloads actually get read? Not many. And even if they do, only the most studious of people will follow through on them. An emailed sequence of valuable information and actionable steps to take over time seem to be much easier to consume for our subscribers.

Where the money-making comes in:

Once your potential ideal client has opted in on your website and has received your lead magnet and/or email sequence, you should have now built up enough trust with them to make a direct call to action – in most cases, this looks like you offering them an opportunity to work with you.

At JAM, we offer a free JAM Session to discuss what they need to do to put their marketing strategy into play and have it actually work.

We follow that up by then adding this subscriber to our weekly emailed “newsletter” (hate that over-used word, but that’s essentially what it is) where we send them our latest blog post. And yes, of course, there’s a call to action at the end of those too, offering assistance with whatever that blog post was educating them on.

So now that you’ve gotten an overview of our email marketing strategy, experience it first hand.

Opt in here to get the “Read Before Marketing” guide and our weekly blog posts in your inbox. See what it’s like to go through the sequence as a consumer. Obviously, you can unsubscribe any time – no hard feelings there. It’s simply a great way to learn by experiencing it first-hand.

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  1. This girl knows what she is talking about and is beyond passionate about it too! Thank you for all of the advice and guidance Brit! You’re the best!!! <3