A Behind the Scenes Look at How I’m Redefining “Marketing”

Today, I’d like to take you behind the scenes a bit and tell you what I’m wrestling with currently within my business.

Yup. I’m getting all kinds of transparent with you (again) about some big-picture stuff relating to JAM Marketing Group and the online marketing world as a whole.

Buckle up.

This latest “question everything” journey started this past Friday, within a one-day mastermind experience, hosted by Sara Christensen of Kickass Masterminds.

For seven hours, with a few short breaks in between, I got to sit in a (virtual) room with five incredible business owners. And when I say “incredible,” I absolutely mean it.

These humans have got it GOING ON. They challenged me in ways I never expected. But more on that in a second.

A Behind the Scenes Look at How I'm Redefining "Marketing", online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

So within this one-day mastermind, we each had a one-hour Hot Seat, where we got to give a little background information about our business and then pose a question for the rest of the group to dive into and help us answer.

I was first up on the Hot Seat and my question centered around my offerings. I essentially wanted the group to pick apart my offerings to make sure they made sense together, to make sure they were serving my ideal client super well, without leaving any gaping holes in their experience with me.

I thought this was a great place to start. I have a few new offerings I’ll be bringing to you this year, so before I unleash them, I thought it’d be smart to have these experienced biz owners take a look and validate their places within my offerings framework.

This group of people, however, took the conversation a completely different direction.

A direction that scared me at first. Then seriously challenged me. And now, almost a week later, has completely changed me.

Instead of talking about my offerings – the pieces that make up my business “puzzle” – we quickly got into a discussion about the puzzle itself. My business. My business as a “Marketing Coach.”

They made it super clear they’re sick of “marketing,” as they defined it.

Because when they hear “marketing,” they think sales funnels and click bait and SEO and Facebook ads and click-through rates and tripwires and often, lots of dollars spent

Now, if you’ve spent any time at all reading my emails to you, following me on social media, and/or being a client of mine, you already know those words do not define marketing to me. At alllll.

But that’s not the point. The point is that’s how they define marketing.

So when I present myself as a Marketing Coach, and they’re fed up with their version of marketing, we’ve got a problem.

They don’t want marketing. They repel marketing. In fact, one participant openly said the phrase, “I hate marketing,” several times.

So I’m missing the mark from the very beginning within this focus group.

Now, you may be thinking I must’ve been totally freaked out. These people obviously don’t understand what I do, so their opinions are invalid.

Phhhhh! That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.


Because I know (and you know, if you’ve been following me) that I view marketing differently from how they view it, which may give me a huuuge advantage here.

I don’t define marketing as all the things these entrepreneurs are totally sick of. So, I thought, if I can explain my definition of marketing to them well, they might be intrigued and refreshed by my perspective.

So I tried it. I gave them an on-the-spot glimpse of how I approach marketing.

(As my heart was beating out of my chest and my armpits were a sloppy mess… told you I was taking you behind the scenes…)

And they were intrigued. They stopped leaning away from “marketing” and instead, leaned in.

And by the end of the day, even the mastermind participant who said she “hated marketing,” wrote to me saying that entrepreneurs like her NEED ME because of how I view marketing.

Can you just feel the potential within this? Because I certainly can.

So now, I’m wrestling within every thought:

How might I shift the conversation of “Marketing is funnels and tripwires and manipulation and tricks and a numbers game,” to my definition of marketing?

The definition that allows “marketing” to be more of an art and science, an ebb and flow, of relationships.

That word – relationships – came up about a billion times on Friday. And now, after all the soul-searching I’ve done on the subject, I can promise you it’ll come up at least a trillion and a half more times this year alone.

“Marketing” must be grounded in an effort to create a sincere relationship with another human being.

Why? Because people do business with people. NOT businesses.

The quickest way to get frustrated, overwhelmed, fed up with marketing your business is to forget that to market your business well is to relate to actual, human beings.

Notice I didn’t say, “is to TALK to actual, human beings.”

I said “relate.”

And that’s the key.

Relate. Develop relation. Create relationship.

And that, my friend, is what I’ll be hanging my hat on from here on out.

That’s what I’m wrestling with, gnawing on, and diving head-first into.

How might I shift the conversation of “marketing” toward relationships?


If this conversation has sparked something within you – you’re intrigued, you’re in support, you’re totally against – please email me your thoughts.

What does this potential shift in conversation drum up within you? Are you excited for this? Or dreading it?

Continue the conversation by emailing me at brit@jammarketinggroup.co.

5 Responses to A Behind the Scenes Look at How I’m Redefining “Marketing”

  1. YES! Totally agree! When we talk about funnels and click through rates it can feel icky. I have a marketing degree (from 2001 if that even counts – HAHA) but I agree it feels gross. The ONLY kind I love is the relationship-based kind. That’s why I LOVE you! xo

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