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  • The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads for Creative Small Businesses, JAM Marketing Group Blog, written by Steph Cohen of the Creative Addition

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads for Service-Based Small Businesses

So far in our online advertising series, we’ve discussed the three main types of online ads – display, social media, and search engine – and how to make your online ad a success. Now, we’re turning the mic over to...
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  • How to create online ads that WORK, JAM Marketing Group blog post, online ads, online advertising

How to Create Online Ads That WORK

In our most previous post, we covered the three main types of online ads: DISPLAY ADS SOCIAL MEDIA ADS SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) And since that post went live, we’ve received some great feedback about how the post helped to...
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  • A Beginner's Introduction to Online Advertising, JAM Marketing Group

A Beginner’s Introduction to Online Advertising

At JAM, we talk A LOT about organic marketing – the kind that you don’t have to pay for – because it works, not just for right now, but for years to come. Organic marketing provides this unique little opportunity...
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  • Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, from JAM Marketing Group

It’s Official! I Just Launched a Podcast for Creative Female Entrepreneurs!

That’s right! I just launched a podcast! So this week’s blog post won’t be much of an instructional column as it will be a coffee-mug-clinking CHEERS to this exciting milestone! via GIPHY So, here’s the deal. I’ve officially launched the Marketing in...
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  • Behind the Scenes of Our Email Marketing Strategy, JAM Marketing Group

Behind the Scenes of Our Email Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve covered WHY email matters, HOW TO build your list, and HOW TO earn actual money from that list, it’s time to peel back the curtain and show you a behind the scenes look at our very own...
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  • How to make money from your email list, JAM marketing group

How to Make Money from Your Email List

Ah, we’ve finally made it. The holy grail of list building. Actually earning a dollar (or hopefully many dollars) from The List. So you’ve taken my (and Marketing Thought-Leader Tara Gentile’s) advice and focused on building a list full of...
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  • How to Build an Email List That Makes You Money

How to Build an Email List That Makes You Money

Building an email list still matters. The business and marketing worlds have been talking about it for ~10 years now. But it’s still powerful for these four core reasons, as outlined in last week’s post: Your subscriber’s inbox is still...
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  • Why building an email list is still so powerful, JAM Marketing Group

Why Building an Email List is Still So Powerful

Every business marketing guru says it: “Build your email list!” “The money is in the list!” You know, those lists of subscribers who have opted in on your website to receive your “newsletter” or your free guide/mini course/audio series/etc? As business...
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  • Behind the Scenes of Our Social Media Marketing Strategy, JAM Marketing Group, Marketing in Yoga Pants

Behind the Scenes of Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

The steps to building a social media marketing strategy are as follows: Know WHO your ideal client is Know HOW social media ties into the rest of your online marketing strategy Choose the social media platform(s) you’ll utilize based on...
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  • How to keep social media from taking over your life, dear business owner, jAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

How to Keep Social Media from Taking Over Your Life, Dear Business Owner

If you want to be great at something, you’ve got to show up. Plain and simple. You’ve got to show up day in and day out. There are no overnight successes. There are no long-lasting “quick wins.” There’s showing up,...
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