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  • Behind the Scenes of a Real Life Client's Marketing Strategy at JAM Marketing Group

Behind the Scenes of a REAL LIFE Client’s Marketing Strategy

This week, I’m taking you behind the scenes at JAM Marketing Group! I’m going to tell you about one of our REAL LIFE clients, their business, and the marketing strategy we’ve built for them. And BONUS: I’ll show if you...
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  • 3 Powerful Tools to Organize Your Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing JAM Marketing Group

Use These 3 Powerful Tools to Organize Your Marketing Plan

I know, I know, everyone wants to talk about their “15 favorite tools to do this” and “21 tools to do that”! Those lists are so exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good system that streamlines and saves...
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  • How to Get Your Potential Clients to Trust You, content marketing, editorial calendar template, buffer app tutorial

How to Get Your Potential Clients to Trust You

Consistently showing up breeds trust in all aspects of your business. When your clients can count on you to be on time, solve their problems, and do what you say you’ll do, they trust you. There’s no reason not to....
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  • How to take your marketing strategy from good to GREAT from JAM Marketing Group

How to Take Your Marketing Strategy from Good to GREAT

For every meaningful project, there are three phases: Idea Creation Implementation Admiration First, you have an idea, a vision, of what could be and plan the way to bring it to fruition. Then, you implement the plan, bringing your vision...
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  • How to Romance Your #BestClientEver With the Perfect Content Strategy, at JAM Marketing Group by Natalie Taylor of

How to Romance Your #BestClientEver with the Perfect Content Strategy

A blinking cursor. A distracted mind. And a deadline. This is how writing content for your business begins for most people – we’ve got a to-do list longer than the lines at the DMV, a head full of ideas and...
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  • How defining your #BestClientEver Improves your Bottom Line, jam marketing group

How Defining Your Best Client Ever Improves Your Bottom Line

Just like setting out on a long trip, the first step in developing a marketing strategy is deciding on a goal. What are you aiming for? Where are you going? Once you know where you’re heading, the next step is...
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Marketing Strategy, free worksheet guide

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you’ve identified your ideal client (AKA #BestClientEver) from using this free guide and you know your online marketing options from using this helpful worksheet, it’s time to finally create a strategy to earn that client. How will you take...
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  • Online Marketing Web; Everything You Need to Know, JAM Marketing Group

The Online Marketing Web; Everything You Need to Know

In recent weeks, I’ve published pieces about how you can define and attract your ideal client (#BestClientEver), where to find this unicorn of a person, and how important it is that you build a strategy to do just that. While...
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  • How to Get Your Ideal Client to KNOW LIKE and TRUST You Online

How to Get Your Ideal Client to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST You Online

We’ve got all these words for getting people to buy the thing we’re selling. Sales, for one. Marketing. Advertising. Public relations. Customer service. If you work within a medium to large size corporation, these aren’t just words, but entire departments...
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  • How to Reach Your Business Goals - Not a Stupid Checklist Post! JAMMarketingGroup

How to Reach Your Business Goals (Not a Stupid Checklist Post)

Imagine you’re traveling to an important client meeting. Not just any client. I’m talking the most important client you’ve ever had the chance to meet. You’ve never met her before, but you’ve heard of her sheer greatness. You just have...
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