Why Building an Email List is Still So Powerful

Every business marketing guru says it: “Build your email list!” “The money is in the list!”

You know, those lists of subscribers who have opted in on your website to receive your “newsletter” or your free guide/mini course/audio series/etc?

As business owners, we hear about list building ALL. THE. TIME.

But why? What’s so special about email?

You might be thinking, “Yeah, an email list is important for big companies trying to spam us all, but not for me and my small business.”

And it’s common for small business owners to wonder, “Why isn’t social media enough to engage with our clients?”

You may even have many more followers on social than you do your email list right now – I know I do.

So why put so much effort into an email list? What’s the big deal?

Why Building an Email List is Still So Powerful by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Here’s why building an email list is a big deal:

Your subscriber’s inbox is still a sacred, personal space.

It’s NOT social. Your subscriber doesn’t share their inbox with their mom and ex-boyfriend and classmates from high school. It’s all theirs. So when we, as a business, show up there, we’re talking JUST to the subscriber.

It’s personal.

Emails are HIGHLY trackable.

You know EXACTLY who saw and who didn’t see what you delivered via email. No other place can do that – not even your website.  

When using an email marketing platform (like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, etc), you can track whether an email was opened or not and exactly what links were clicked by each individual user.

This tracking capability can give you all sorts of telling information. Most importantly, you can decipher what your subscribers are most interested in viewing from you AND exactly who your most engaged subscribers are, according to their open and click-through rates.

Your subscriber’s inbox is a decision-oriented place.

They don’t go to be entertained. They open their inbox to make decisions about what matters and what doesn’t.

They either click through to see more or delete. Yes, there’s the possibility of getting deleted but at least a concrete decision was made.

On social media, a follower may SEE your latest post, but because of the scroll-worthy nature of social, they’re often not present enough to make a decision about whether they need to read and take action or not.

Your subscriber’s inbox is where trust is built.

Email is often the platform in your marketing strategy where you begin building TRUST with your potential client. They know about you, they like what they’re seeing, so they decide to subscribe to hear more from you. They don’t trust you enough to buy from you just yet, but they’re close. They’ve entrusted you with their email address and that’s, as we’ve discussed, personal.

Ultimately, your subscriber is deciding if they can trust you or not within their inbox.

They’re unconsciously asking questions like:

  • Do you provide what you said you would?
  • Do you show up as often as you promised?
  • Do you really have what I think I need?

We’ll cover HOW to show up well within your subscriber’s inbox in the coming weeks. But for now, realize the power of showing up there in the first place.

In short, building your email list is a worthwhile activity for your business because the inbox is still personal, the data obtained from tracked emails can be incredibly useful, and your subscriber is capable of making decisions while there – like if they can trust you or not.

So now that you’re “in” on building this email list for those three important reasons, next week we’ll be serving up – you guessed it – HOW TO BUILD that email list of yours. Not just with a bunch of subscribers, but with QUALIFIED, ENGAGED subscribers interested and even EXCITED about opening the emails you send them.


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