How to Create Time to Work ON Your Business in 2018

Have you ever looked at someone else’s Instagram feed or blog posts or email newsletters and thought, “Must be nice to have time to do all that. It’s all I can do to keep my head above all this client work.”


Or, “She doesn’t get paid to write all those posts and record videos and get her systems organized.. so how/why does she produce all that content when there are bills to pay?”

How to Create Time to Work ON Your Business in 2018, online marketing strategy and coaching for creative female entrepreneurs

If this is you, GIRL, we’ve gotta talk.

Because, yes, client work pays the bills right now. But the other stuff – the content stuff, the organizing systems stuff, the working ON your business stuff – that pays the bills far, far into the future.

That’s the stuff that takes you from a kinda-surviving one-woman-show, grinding and hustling day in and day out, to a thriving business owner with the freedom and wiggle room to grow and expand as she pleases.

And while I looove a good work ethic, I’d rather see you growing your business not just in profits but in freedom and independence too.

Ya dig?

In an effort to bring this picture of meaningful growth to reality for you, I’ve developed a training to show you how to work ON your business this year – without letting your clients down AND growing that business of yours.

It’s happening on Tuesday and you can register right here.

From this webinar, you can expect 3 specific things:

  1. Expect actionable advice
    I’ll show you exactly how to prioritize working ON your business, while still taking amazing care of your clients – without the fluff and without unrealistic time expectations. You’ll walk away with a plan in place for how to get the meaningful, biz-building stuff done.
  2. Expect a values-based approach
    This isn’t about being more productive. It’s about intentionally building a business, grounded in what YOU value, while still building and maintaining a sustainable revenue stream.
  3. Expect an offer to be made
    This time, I’ll be pitching to you my Group Marketing Coaching Program, but only after the actionable training has been completed. As a webinar attendee, expect a solid promo code for the Program, should you decide to join.

I can’t wait to get you growing! Register now and I’ll see you there!

Of course, if you can’t make the live broadcast, I’ll send you the recorded replay BUT ONLY IF you’re registered.

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