You’ve been making significant progress in your creative business. You love what you do and love your clients even more. You want to take your business to the next level—but don’t know how to get there.

You’re overflowing with passion, and you have a vision for your big beautiful business.

The marketing you did got you here, but it won’t take you to where you want to go. Maybe you never really even had a marketing plan in the first place.

Either way…

You know your marketing strategy will need to change, but you’re worried you’ll sound salesy, inauthentic, and have to do a bunch of uncomfortable things leaving you feeling fake to get to the next level.

There’s so much noise around online marketing and you’re sick of the marketing “greats” telling you what to do as if it’s the only way. You don’t want to do it their way; you want to do it your way. But what if your way doesn’t work?

Just hearing the words sales funnels, tripwires, click-through rates, and formula leaves you with a pit in your stomach—it feels phony.

You know it’s time to grow your business and you need help to get it just right. After all, you’ve spent far too much time stressing about the latest marketing trends and your business isn’t growing as you hoped.

You just wish you knew exactly which marketing tactics to use and which ones to ignore. You’re craving solid marketing techniques that feel natural, authentic, real—you want marketing to feel unreasonably good and attract more of your dream clients so you can grow your business.

And you want to do it while continuing to show up and serve up your best work for your clients.

That’s exactly what I’ll do for you.

With the Deep Dive, I’ll help you figure out:

  • What you truly and deeply value
  • How you naturally show up in the world, and what makes you, you
  • The 3 best ways for you to show up online in an authentic, genuine way—not because you should, but because you’re inherently, naturally made for showing up this way based on your values
  • How to connect the dots between your true self and your marketing strategy so it will feel oh-so-good
  • The top 2-3 marketing tactics you’re effortlessly going to rock and specific steps on what to do next


But more than just coaching you through what goes into marketing that feels good, I’ll be your fresh eyes on the stuff you’ve been top-knot deep in all day every day.

That’s why, when we work together in this Deep Dive, you also:

  • Learn how to keep showing up as you and why your clients need this positive energy
  • Get a big ol’ permission slip to toss out the marketing shoulds that never felt right to begin with
  • Get clear on the specific marketing tactics to double down on so you can attract more of the clients that light your fire
  • Connect with yourself, your prospects, and your clients by feeling grounded and supported

Finally! The feel-fantastic way to stop hating the business of marketing your business—it’s supposed to be freeing and fun!

Now you get to sit down to do your marketing each week—Marketing that feels so good it doesn’t feel like marketing.

Just like that, you’re showing up with fiercely positive energy—and your clients feel it and are attracted to you like a magnet.


Uh yeah. The Deep Dive is kiiind of a big deal.

Some of my favorite creative entrepreneurs have incredible things to say about it:

Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom

“Brit’s Deep Dive was the perfect blend of high-level ideation and practical, hands-on action plan creation. She addresses all aspects of your life and unique personality traits and makes smart, intentional marketing suggestions customized to YOU. Brit opened my eyes to some big opportunities I hadn’t even considered before our chat. I highly recommend the Deep Dive for anyone looking to get truly strategic with their messaging.” – Chris Emmer, Glowing Designer & Strategist of Sweaty Wisdom


Sam Vander Wielen

“Working with Brit in her Deep Dive session was so awesome! Brit has a way of helping you to clearly and vibrantly pull together your business’s marketing strategy. More importantly, she helps you get very clear on why your marketing strategy is what it is, and why people should care about your content. I felt like I left our session with such a clear vision of what my business’s marketing vibes were, all thanks to Brit! Her process itself is unique and methodical – giving you just the right balance of soul and practical. If you’re on the fence about signing up for a session, I really can’t encourage you enough to just go for it! Thanks so much, Brit!” – Sam Vander Wielen, Attorney-Turned-Entrepreneur of


Jacq Fisch

“Working with Brit is like working with a savvier version of yourself. I was never really sure where to focus my marketing efforts and I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t feel icky. Well, I now have permission to do marketing that feels good and I’ve never felt better about marketing my business. Creative people NEED this!” – Jacq Fisch, Brilliant Copywriter of

Watch Jordan Gill’s Testimonial Here:

The Deep Dive includes:

  • A pre-call assessment all about you and your business that will help you clear the cobwebs to start to figure out what’s really inside of you
  • 90-minutes jamming one-on-one on your values and business superpowers over video ($550 Value)
  • A gorgeous chart and 10-page PDF summarizing how we connect the dots of your special powers to your most effective marketing strategies
  • Up to two weeks of access to me in your inbox for you to ask clarifying questions, use me as a sounding board, or get a huge high-five ($500 Value)

Total Value: $1,050+

Your Investment: $497

Let’s dive in!

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Schedule and pay for your Deep Dive session by clicking here. Then, you’ll fill out our pre-call questionnaire. Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email from me confirming your details with any additional questions.

Step 2. We’ll meet for 90 minutes during your scheduled time. During this interactive session, expect jolts of electrifying clarity and prepare to step away feeling free and energized.

Step 3. Just 48 hours after we wrap our session you’ll get a clear-cut and easy-to-follow summary of our call in your email. Then, you can keep the feel-good marketing support fest going for up to two weeks by emailing me to ask questions and bounce ideas off of so that you can confidently market your business your way.

Have questions? Email me at

Oh, right. Have we met yet? I’m Brit!

Brit Kolo Marketing Coach for Creative Big-Dreaming EntrepreneursYour Feel-Good Marketing Coach, Accountability Partner, Abundance Junkie, & Hugger of All Plants.

The one that sits beside you to co-create a smart, feel-good marketing strategy for your business.
The one that helps you create and stick to the plan.
The one that tells you exactly what you need to hear.
The one that sees through all the crap – the excuses, the bad days, the inner critic telling you you’re not good enough – to bring it back to you and this brilliant business you’ve built.
The one that guides you to growth based on your values and those big inspiring dreams of yours.

The one who believes in Close Relationships, Collaboration, Independence, Integrity, Meaningful Work, Reeeally Good Coffee… and YOU.

I can’t wait to dive into this work with you!