How to Discover What Your Ideal Client Mentally Craves From You

Defining your ideal client has almost NOTHING to do with gender, age, socioeconomic status, and where they hang out online.

I riffed on that last week right here.

Defining your ideal client has EVERYTHING to do with understanding what they mentally crave from you. What they’re dying to see someone in your industry present that’s different from the rest.

How to Discover What Your Ideal Client Mentally Craves From You, online marketing strategy for creative female entrepreneurs

To discover your ideal client’s mental cravings and in turn, define who your ideal client is…

First download this worksheet. You can’t complete this exercise without it. It’s a worksheet I’ve only ever used with my 1-on-1 coaching clients and am now offering to you. (That’s kind of a big deal, friend!)

The worksheet begins by simply asking open-ended questions about who your ideal client might be.

Then, by Page 3, you’ll begin drilling into your ideal client’s personality type, as based on the 16Personalities framework. Don’t worry – if you’re not familiar with this framework, the worksheet guides you through and provides links to learn more.

Knowing your ideal client’s personality type will allow you to not only understand them better, but to also speak and interact with them in a way they are most apt to appreciate and respond to.

Finally, the worksheet will guide you through an in-depth imaginative experience of taking your ideal client for coffee. This will feel like a cross between light meditation and inspired journaling. Buckle up!

As you near the end of this pretend coffee date, what your ideal client truly is looking for from you will become clear. It might be something you’re already doing in your business or something you’ve never even thought of before. Regardless, you will have identified that it’s something your ideal client is craving and therefore, something you’ll generously wrap into your marketing efforts from this day forward.

Again, download the worksheet here and get to work.

I highly, highly recommend completing the worksheet when you’re at your absolute best. Trying to do this deep work when you’re tired, worn out, or in a negative headspace will only do it and yourself a disservice.

Find your best time of day and get to work. And once you’ve uncovered your ideal client’s mental cravings, drop me a line via email, Facebook, or Instagram and tell me about your experience with this exercise.

What is your ideal client mentally craving? What new ideas did you unearth?

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