The Most Heart-Felt Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

On Friday, I announced via Instagram that I was planning to self-publish a book and launch a course this December.

Key word: WAS.

I’m not anymore. I’ve firmly decided that while that was a GREAT idea on Friday afternoon, by Friday evening, that was just nottt in anyone’s best interest.

Because life changed drastically on Friday evening. I GOT ENGAGED, YOU GUYS!

(Stories later, I promise.)

And now, the shock and mayhem have died down just enough for me to realize that I have two crystal-clear choices:

  1. Still publish the book and launch the course in six weeks, while taking care of my current clients, running a BETA group coaching program, moving my entire life into a new home, enjoying the holidays, and oh yeah, being a FIANCE!
  2. Or hold off on the book and course so I can take on a few new clients, take care of my current clients, continue running a stellar BETA program, move, and enjoy our first holiday season as an engaged couple.

I chose #2 and woooowwww does it feel good!

But here’s the thing.

I’m not one to go back on my word.

I often receive comments like, “Jeez, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d be here on time!” and “Wow, I know you said you’d get this back to me within a week but it’s so much work! I can’t believe you stuck to that deadline!”

And it does feel like a step out of character to switch my plans like this. But that’s also the best part – that I CAN switch my plans. Because at the end of the day and honestly, at the end of my entire career, I hope I can look back and see that I fit my business into my life… and not the other way around.

I can distinctly sense that my drive to publish this book and launch this course so soon only existed within me so I could be tested with this decision. Focus on the book and course now to the detriment of this special life moment ORRR soak up this special life moment and focus on the book and course in a few months?

And let me be the first to say – I am SO grateful that that was God’s question to me. It’s one of the most beautiful, amazing “problems” He’s given me to date.

I can just hear Him asking, “I know you want both, but tell me – what’s at your core?”

Firmly, I respond, “You.”

“And therefore?”

“And therefore, this special life moment comes first. Always first.”

Because if I don’t start there, what could my business ever truly offer anyone? If it doesn’t begin with a sense of fulfilled life, I can’t see it serving anyone particularly well.

Sure, I’ll always have milestones I’m reaching for. My natural, comfortable state is a state of growth, of progression, of not standing still.

But amidst the reaching, I can still intentionally decide what I’m holding onto. And right now, what I’m holding onto is not a new book or a new course.

It’s a thriving, fulfilling business. It’s my favorite time of year. And it’s a next chapter in a long, long love story.

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