How to Get More Engagement On Your Social Media Posts (and Everywhere Else in Life)

If you’re hoping for your next Instagram post to get more likes comments, your next Facebook Live to actually have someone show up and ask good questions, and your next email newsletter to go out and have someone actually reply to it…

If you’re wanting more engagement anywhere online (or off, for that matter), GIVE engagement first.

Only then can you expect it to come your way.

Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom has termed this “Social Karma” and there’s no better name for it.

Social Karma.

What you throw out into the world is going to come right back your way.

What you put into Instagram, you’ll get out.

What you put into Facebook, you’ll get out.

What you put into your email list, you’ll get out.


And it’s not just about posting your own stuff. I mean, unless you just want people to keep posting their own stuff and never follow you and engage with your posts.  

If you want greater engagement – follows, likes, comments, AND QUALIFIED LEADS – you must first go GIVE that engagement to others.

 How to Get More Engagement On Your Social Media Posts (and Everywhere Else in Life) - blog post from JAM Marketing Group marketing coaching for creative big-dreaming entrepreneurs

For instance, Instagram.

Comments are GOLD on Instagram. We know they boost our relevancy within the IG algorithm. So typically, the more comments we get on our posts, the faster our account grows.
Want comments? Go spend time commenting on others’ posts.


And Instagram Stories.

When other users click to your profile, DM you, or answer a poll from your Instagram Story, Instagram boosts your relevancy and shows your story to more people. Want people DM’ing you and answering your polls? Go watch others’ stories and begin conversations there.

How about Facebook Groups?

You want people to be more engaged in your Facebook Group? Go be engaged in others’ Facebook Groups.


Getting your content shared by an influencer.

You want your content to be shared to a wider audience by someone? Go offer to share others’ content. Be a sharing machine! See someone doing cool stuff, share with it someone who might find value in it.


Getting referrals.

You want more referrals? Think about who you’ve had a genuinely great experience with in the past three months and send a referral their way.


Receiving incredible testimonials from your clients.

You want well-written, thoughtful testimonials? Again, think about who you’ve had a genuinely great experience with in the past three months and go leave them a review. If you can’t find a place to leave a review, simply email them your praise with a line at the end that says, “Feel free to use this as a testimonial!”

Creating engaging conversation.

Feeling isolated, wondering why it’s so freaking hard to have a real conversation? Go be genuinely interested in someone enough to reach out to them, asking to meet on Zoom. Actively listen, ask questions, let them be seen and heard by you.

In short, give before you ever consider receiving.

Now, what have you been craving more of that seems to just not be coming your way right now?

How can you go GIVE that thing first?

Author: Brit Kolo

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