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How to Work ON Your Business in 2018
Without Letting Your Clients Down

Meaningful growth comes from working ON your business.
Brit is bringing you her signature process to prioritizing this crucial work.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 4pm EST

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This is NOT just about being more productive.

This is about building a business intentionally, steadfast in what you, as the business owner, value in life, while still staying true to how much time and energy you realistically want to spend growing your business this year. 

Expect Actionable Advice

I'll show you exactly how to prioritize working ON your business, while still taking amazing care of your clients - without the fluff and without unrealistic time expectations. You'll walk away with a plan in place for how to get the meaningful, biz-building stuff done.

Expect a Values-Based Approach

This isn't about being more productive. It's about intentionally building a business, grounded in what YOU value, while still building and maintaining a sustainable revenue stream. 

Expect an Offer to Be Made

This time, I'll be pitching to you my Group Marketing Coaching Program, but only after the actionable training has been completed. As a webinar attendee, expect a solid promo code for the Program, should you decide to join.

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