As my blog content grows, my business grows with it. And as I ask myself questions like, “How can I infuse more collaboration into my business?” and “How can we all support each other a little bit more?” I see my blog as a beginning outlet – a platform on which to build a greater community of flourishing women who have expertise to share with other female entrepreneurs.

By joining JAM’s #GrowTogether Contributor Team, you’ll be presented as an expert to my audience, offering information and insight on the topic you know best.

Here’s how it works:

As a #GrowTogether Contributor, you pledge to submit one piece of valuable written OR video content every 3 months. There will be no contract involved, but we are women of integrity around here, so if you give me your word that you’ll submit content on this suggested schedule, I’ll expect you to be true to that word.

Once you’ve been selected as a Contributor, I’ll send you the schedule of the exact dates your content will be published, here on the JAM Blog. I must receive your completed draft no later than 20 days prior to publish date.

My team will select the content’s featured image and design one square image and one portrait image to be used within the post and for social media sharing purposes. Any additional images you’d like to include must be submitted when you submit the content.

In addition, your headshot and author bio will be included at the end of each of your guest posts and on our JAM Marketing Group Team page. As a #GrowTogether Contributor, you must give us permission to use your headshot and author bio in these ways.

Finally, I can’t guarantee any specific result from being a part of the #GrowTogether Contributor Team. The goal here is to simply support each other. What I can guarantee is that I will present you to my audience as an expert in your field, which I expect to create a circle of trust between you, my readers, and myself.

You will not be required to share your guest post in any way, shape, or form. However, once becoming a #GrowTogether Contributor, I’ll supply you with a sharing guide, outlining all the ways I suggest sharing the piece for maximum impact.

Official #GrowTogether Guest Post Guidelines:

Publication Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12am EST
Final Draft Due Date: 20 days prior to publication

Word Count: 500+ words

Submission Format: Word Doc shared via Google Drive Link to our #GrowTogether Slack Channel (more details below)

Requirements for Original Content: Let’s be honest – the content on your blog already, I’m sure, is of amazing value. Buttt JAM Marketing Group requires your guest post to be original, having never been posted word-for-word somewhere else. Feel free to spin a past blog post in an intriguing new way, but let’s make sure that “spin” is legit.

Writing Tone Preferences: The JAM audience likes a conversational tone. They won’t respond well to an unnatural, scientific style of writing. Be yourself and use your own, natural voice when writing your guest post.

Audience Specs: The JAM Marketing Group target reader is a creative female entrepreneur needing realistic advice on how to manage and grow their business in a meaningful way, while also enjoying life as a whole. They appreciate candidness, honesty, and easy-to-follow steps and language.

They also need to be able to SKIM your post, so headings, bullet points, and numbered lists are ALWAYS appreciated.

Graphic Preferences: You may include as many high-quality graphics as you’d like to be posted within the post itself. JAM Marketing Group reserves the right the create the Featured Image and any other shareable image within the post. (Gotta stay on-brand.)

Proofreading and Editing Suggestions: We will not make spelling, grammar, or sentence structure changes at any time to your work. We will simply copy and paste your final draft into the blog post, so if there’s a mistake, it’s all you, babe.

Bio and Headshot Requirements: You must submit a professional headshot and a 100-word max bio as part of your #GrowTogether Contributor Application (below) .

JAM Marketing Group will promote your guest blog post in the following ways:

  • Facebook post
  • Instagram post
  • Twitter update
  • Email newsletter to list
  • Other posts to relevant online groups (if applicable)

Comment Response Expectations: JAM Marketing Group will respond to guest post comments on the JAM Marketing Group blog as needed, within 48 hours of the comment being posted.

Communication Expectations: Once you’ve been accepted as a #GrowTogether Contributor, you will be added to our JAM #GrowTogether Slack Channel, shared with me (Brit), our Blog Manager (Natasha), and all other #GrowTogether Contributors. This is where all relevant discussion about guest content will take place, along with the submitting of your guest content via Google Drive links.

Apply to be a #GrowTogether Contributor Here: