A Letter to the Creative Entrepreneur Feeling a Little Lost

Hey friend,

This letter is written especially for you if you’ve been feeling a little lost lately.

Your head is down, in your work. You’re trying to make things happen. You’re trying to stay focused on the task at hand.

But your eyes keep lifting up off the page. Or rather, the computer screen.

You’re looking around, wondering if what you’re working on is even going to matter. Will anyone care? Am I making progress? Or am I wasting my time?

Is there something bigger out there I’m completely missing?

You begin to think about what could help you get further ahead faster. You feel stagnant right now. A little lost.

You wonder if the right online course could jumpstart your progress. Or maybe the right Coach. Or the right book.

You begin looking around at what others are plugging into. How they’re achieving what seems to be easy, effortless success.

And continue to feel lost.

I see you. I hear you. I get it. Because I am you.

And here’s what I’m figuring out about feeling a little lost.

A Letter to the Creative Entrepreneur Feeling a Little Lost - blog post from JAM Marketing Group marketing coaching for creative big-dreaming entrepreneurs

We feel this way because we’re in it. I mean, really, really in it.

We’re doing it. We’re doing the work. We’re getting our hands dirty. We’re trying things out. We’re opening ourselves up to complete and utter failure for the chance to find something that works. That sticks.

And as we try things, and work on things, and pivot, and redirect, and think through things again and again and again…

It can sometimes feel like we’re all over the place.

A little lost.

And. That’s a good thing.

It shows us (and everyone else) that we’re in it.

So persist.

Ugh. That feels so not helpful.

But I’ll say it again.

Persist. Persevere.

Because as much as it seems like big, important things happen quickly, they don’t.

We listen to 45-minute podcast interviews with people who tried to figure their sh*t out for DECADES and think that it all happened in just a few years. Or, if you’re like me, in just a few months.

We check our Instagram feeds, thinking that what we see is…

  1. Reality, and
  2. How that entrepreneur has always been

And neither are true.

We take courses thinking they’ll simply give us the answer we’re looking for. Then we get frustrated or bored when we realize we have to put time and energy into the course to find the answer ourselves.

We read books, wearing the number of books we’ve read like a badge of honor. “I’ve read 12 books already this year! I’m awesome!” Meanwhile, we’ve only half-heartedly applied a handful of the concepts presented in those books and wonder why things still aren’t feeling right.

And I can’t really blame us. Yes, “us.” I do this too.

We grew up with microwaves on our counters, for crying out loud. What do you expect?!

The problem is… growing a sustainable, fulfilling business doesn’t happen in a microwave.

It happens over time, with perseverance.


Admittedly, not something we excel at. Us entrepreneurs, we’re a dynamic breed who tend to thrive off of change and variety.

So perseverance is a tall, tall order.

And yet, it’s necessary.

It’s absolutely key.

And within the perseverance – the grind, the discipline, the day-in-and-day-out – our big dynamic entrepreneurial hearts can feel a little lost.

And that’s okay.

Stick to it, friend.

Keep going.




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