THIS JUST IN – Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m on a mission to redefine marketing. I wrote allll about this newfound calling a few weeks ago here.

See, when you hear marketing, I want you to think “relationships” instead of “sales funnels, clickbait, tripwires” and other equally smarmy-sounding words.

And since that blog post went live, I’ve heard from a great number of you, giving a resounding “YES!” to what I presented. It turns out you’re totally sick of the smarmy words too.

But after speaking one-on-one with several of you, I dug in and found something much deeper than a distaste for the language of marketing.

The smarmy words? Absolute child’s play to what I uncovered.


I found the problem goes much deeper than that.

See, the problem began way back when you developed this valuable thing of yours – a product, a service, a skill you found that other people wanted to pay you for.

You started selling that valuable thing quite naturally. A few people were asking you for it because they saw that you were innately good at what you do.

So then it became an even bigger valuable thing. You added a few features, widened the benefits, and spent time defining who this valuable thing was really meant for. That ever-coveted “ideal client.”

And to sell even more of this valuable thing, you tried getting it in front of more people who fit that ideal client persona.

And it sort of worked. I mean, it didn’t totally flop. You made out okay.

And now you want to take it to the next level. You want to go bigger. Of course you do. You’re an entrepreneur. The type of person simply wired to push the envelope, stop at nothing to serve, and find the solution even if it kills you. My favorite kind of person.

And to go bigger, you’re searching for people who’ve gone before you. You’re searching for ways to get to that next level – tactics, strategies, proven ways to get the results you’re hoping for.

But what you’re finding feels so contrived.


Not you at all.


There’s no shortage of people should-ing all over you, saying things like…

You should build your list bigger!

You should run an ad!

You should record a video and run the ad again!

You should segment this over here!

Oh, and you should repurpose this over there!

Ah and you absolutely should run a webinar or masterclass or workshop or whatever the eff we’re calling it this week!!!


Myyy goodness.

And it’s not like any of those things are “bad,” per se.

You’re just not sure how to make them work for you and not make them feel smarmy and manipulative and like you’re trying too hard.

You want them to feel like you.

You love your work. You see the value in how you serve people. Your work is still you.

But your marketing? It feels like your marketing has to turn into something you are NOT in order to reach the next level you have your sights set on.

Sales funnels and clickbait and tripwires.

THIS JUST IN - Marketing Doesn't Have to Suck! Blog Post from JAM Marketing Group, marketing coaching for creative, big-dreaming entrepreneurs

But I’m here to tell you… that’s simply NOT the case.

See, I’ve been providing marketing coaching for a while now and without even realizing it (until now), I’ve been helping my clients to avoid this manipulative marketing trap.

From Day One of a coaching relationship, I guide my clients to find a marketing strategy that is both built for their ideal client and for themselves, knowing that at the end of the day, they have to feel good enough about their strategy to wholeheartedly implement it.


I’ve never been in the business of shoulds. I’ve always been in the business of giving permission to do what feels right to my clients.

And so when I realized I had been naturally allowing my clients to find what feels good in their marketing, I challenged myself to find a way to offer it in a more accessible way.

In a way that could easily, within an afternoon, show an entrepreneur that she could reach that next level without becoming smarmy, manipulative, and inauthentic in her marketing strategy.


Because let’s be real. We don’t all need six months of one-on-one coaching.

Sometimes we just need a deep conversation that connects the dots between who we naturally are to the direction we’re best suited to flow in.

And within that deep conversation comes understanding and clarity around the next steps we need to take.

And finally, permission to go in that direction, no matter what others say we should do.

So that’s what I’ve developed. A deep conversation, designed to connect you – the real you, the you that naturally shows up in the world – to your marketing strategy.

The feel-good kind of strategy.

The kind that shows your ideal client who you really are and helps them to know they can trust you to take care of them.

Learn more about this 90-minute service here – it’s called the Marketing That Feels Good Deep Dive and it’s rocking worlds over here!

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