NEPA BlogCon Attendee, NOW WHAT?!

Dear 2016 NEPA BlogCon Attendee,

First, congratulations. You got out from behind your laptop for a hot sec and attended NEPA BlogCon. That is NOT a small feat. You prioritized your writing, your blog, your future. To that, cheers.


Second, thank you. You were a phenomenal audience and group of people to be around all day. There’s just something about our area in NEPA. We just “get” each other and I certainly felt that love yesterday.


Now, to the good stuff.

Are you pumped, or what?!

If you’re not, you might want to check your pulse.

You were exposed to hundreds of nuggets of truth and inspiration at NEPA BlogCon! If you are anything like me, this is how you woke up this morning:


NEPA BlogCon Attendee, NOW WHAT?! by Brit Kolo of JAM Marketing Group, online marketing strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Squirrels galore in my head!

“Value, value, value!”
“I’m so in love with Twitter again!”
“Podcasting! New goal for 2017!”
“Over here on social feeling like Oprah, ‘YOU GET A LIKE!’ ‘YOU GET A LIKE!’ ‘AND YOU GET A LIKE!'”
“More live video!”
“More video forever!”
“Ooh affiliate products!”
“Stop holding your stories in. Let it go, let it go!”
“I need a cow!”

It seriously just went on and on…

And while that might’ve made you chuckle a little, (I know, I’m hilarious) that whole squirrel-brain-thing is kind of a problem.

Ideas and inspiration are valuable but only when followed by action. (#TweetThatSht)

To get my thoughts in order, I made a list of all the major actions I could take following NEPA BlogCon 2016 and who spoke on the topic.

Here it is:

And then, (and this is where the rubber meets the road) I chose one.


And dearest NEPA BlogCon attendee, please do the same. Ask yourself, “Which of these actions will move my blog/biz/brand in the direction it’s meant to go?

When I looked at it like that, it finally became clear – I NEED TO BUY A FARM.

HAH! JK. My cat Ginny would get wayyy too jealous if that happened.


Honestly, I decided that developing a podcast makes the most sense.

It also gives me the biggest knot in my stomach. But it’s funny how those things that scare you the most are the very things that will change your life. (My goodness I’m on a roll. #TweetThatSht)

So, dearest NEPA BlogCon attendee, what’s your ONE?

I seriously want to know. Go tell me what your ONE is somewhere. Anywhere! Twitter, FB, Insta, LinkedIn, email! Tell what you’ll be working on over the next couple of weeks or months.

And THEN (and this is where the REALLY good stuff happens) continue the conversation with the speaker you were inspired by.

We, as speakers, simply began the conversation. We want you to continue it. Ask a speaker questions. Follow them. Tweet at them. Like their FB page. Hop onto their next FB Live and ask them a question there. Learn from them!

Because there’s no way any of the speakers got up in front of you expecting to just give their talk and be done with you. Not a chance! They stood up there to add value to your life just in case you wanted to know more.

Go know more. Ask and learn and grow.

And before you know it, we’ll be right back together for NEPA BlogCon 2017!

Til then, congrats, thank you, I better hear your ONE thing somewhere on a social channel soon, and as always, YOU ROCK!



10 Responses to NEPA BlogCon Attendee, NOW WHAT?!

  1. It really is amazing how many things one could take away from the NEPA BlogCon. I haven’t made a list, but so much of what you have is what I hope others took away, too. I definitely would like to do more video and such, but baby steps. I need to work on the overall scheme of my blog being it’s a personal one and not a money-making one. I did take other things away, which I think will be beneficial not just in the blogging world to me. It was nice chatting briefly with you Saturday and excellent presentation!


      Hey PJ!
      So glad you got so much out of the event. It was great connecting with you as well.
      I saw on Twitter that you and a few others were like, “But what about personal blogs?!” Haha and I TOTALLY get that.
      It’s NOT all about the money and monetization and lead magnets and opt-ins. It might be kind of weird to hear that coming from a serial marketer, but it’s true.
      The absolute best stories, whether they’re intended to engage an audience or not, are written from a place of selflessness – as in, “Let’s just put this out there because it needs to be out there. I don’t care what comes of it. I just need to hit publish.”
      My favorite part is when that just-need-to-get-this-out post strikes a cord with someone else. We’ve all got something to add to this world, whether we monetize it or not. Kudos for hitting publish. And kudos for attending BlogCon and thinking through all of the perspectives presented that day. I hope it serves you well!

  2. Great stuff, Brit! I’ve broken the rules a little bit and decided on not one but TWO things I’m going to try out: branding my visuals (thanks for that amazing tip, by the way!) and live streaming.

    The thought of going live and publishing a public video is something I’m more than a bit apprehensive about. But as with podcasting, it can really change your life and your business. It’s too exciting an opportunity to pass up.


      Amanda, I hear you! I’m getting hyper focused on this crazy idea of podcasting, but I’m also keeping up with my new #FBLiveFriday trend – doing a FB Live every Friday. I’ve done 2, so it’s far from a regular thing, but so far so good. If you’re kind of shy when it comes to putting your face on camera (like I DEFINITELY am), check out this tutorial on how to show your screen in a live broadcast! (Idk who this woman is, but the tutorial helped me step by step)

      • I like the #FBLiveFriday idea! Great way to do it consistently without burning yourself out. And thanks so much for that video – super helpful. I definitely want to incorporate screensharing into my FB live videos.


      Ooh great idea, Lisa. I checked out your site and books earlier today. Can I just say, the ILLUSTRATIONS of Charlie are just awesome! They bring you right in. I bet you could find hearts to match on (One of my favorite resources)